Minifig number pln194
Plain Bright Green Torso with Bright Green Arms, Dark Purple Legs, Black Bobbed Hair
Plain Bright Green Torso
Value $1.74
Growth 11.5%
Minifig number pln193
Plain Magenta Torso with Magenta Arms, Orange Legs, Reddish Brown Side Ponytail
Girl with Magenta Torso with Magenta Arms
Value $1.69
Minifig number pln192
Plain Red Torso with Red Arms, Dark Azure Legs, Black Tousled Hair
Girl with Red Torso with Red Arms
Value $1.54
Minifig number pln191
Plain Blue Torso with Blue Arms, Green Short Legs, Medium Nougat Spiky Hair
Boy with Blue Torso with Blue Arms
Value $1.53
Growth 3.4%