Minifig number idea037
Sally Ride - NASA Astronaut
Sally Ride
Value $4.40
Growth 135.3%
Annual growth 15.1%
Minifig number idea036
Nancy G. Roman - NASA American astronomer
Nancy G. Roman
Value $4.60
Growth 56.5%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number idea035
Margaret Heafield Hamilton - computer scientist
Margaret Hamilton
Value $6.45
Growth 135.4%
Annual growth 18.5%
Minifig number idea034
Mae Jemison - NASA Astronaut
Mae Jemison
Value $7.81
Growth 95.3%
Annual growth 16.3%
Minifig number idea012
J. Kawaguchi, Hayabusa Project Manager
J. Kawaguchi
Value $12.63
Growth 235.0%
Annual growth 11.6%
Minifig number idea008
Classic Green Spacewoman with airtanks and motorcycle
Value $18.83
Growth 213.8%
Annual growth 16.5%
Minifig number idea007
Classic Green Spaceman with airtanks and motorcycle
Value $19.13
Growth 181.3%
Annual growth 15.6%