Set Value (New/Sealed)

This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Challenge Set 2020 since June 2020. Medium accuracy
LEGO 45813 Challenge Set 2020 was a Education set released in 2020. The current value for a new and sealed Challenge Set 2020 is estimated around $334 today with current average yearly gain of about 34% but will level off in the next year closer to a 8% annual growth making it a solid investment. On the open market, a used set will fetch in the range of between $146 and $179 depending on the condition.

For Sale (New/Sealed)

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Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 45813 Challenge Set 2020.

Sets in Education / FIRST LEGO League

Theme / Subtheme Education / FIRST LEGO League
Year 2021
Pieces / Minifigs 884 / 1
Availability Retired
45817 Education FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect Explore Set
Theme / Subtheme Education / FIRST LEGO League
Year 2020
Pieces 738
Availability Retired
45810 Education FIRST LEGO League Boomtown Build
Retail $49.99
Value $101.89
Growth 103.8%
Annual growth 19.2%
Theme / Subtheme Education / FIRST LEGO League
Year 2021
Availability Retired
45816 Education FIRST LEGO League Challenge
Retail $199.99
Value $234.42
Growth 17.2%
Annual growth 11.1%
FIRST® LEGO® League is a knowledge and technology competition that extends over a work period of 8 weeks. It aims to inspire children and young people aged 10-16 to become tomorrow's engineers, researchers and problem solvers. During the work period, the participants want to experience the desire to explore, creative joy, to give their own ideas life and learn to program.
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