Beginning March 2021, BrickEconomy will begin showing ads to non-registered users. All registered users, which is 100% free, will have an ad-free experience on the website.

Why does BrickEconomy have ads?

By including a modest amount of ads on our site, BrickEconomy is able to offer new technologies and improvements to our users and keep our services running. Since BrickEconomy is a free service we need to generate some money to keep us up and running.

When will I see ads?

If you are not signed in you will see relevant ads on some pages in the forms of banners or text on some pages. If you don't want to see these ads simply sign up or sign in.

How are ads personalized to me?

There are a number of factors that affect the ads you are seeing. What your interests are, where you’re located, and what you are searching for on BrickEconomy can all help us personalize your ads, so they’re relevant to you. However, in most cases we use a trusted third party ad service such as Google to manage our ads. BrickEconomy does not collect your personal details or tracks your use of the site. For more information on this please check out our privacy policy and terms of service.

Experience BrickEconomy ad-free

If you don't want to see ads simply sign up for your free account. If you still would like to use our services and support us without ads, please see the various other ways to do so here.

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