BrickEconomy is a 100% free service, and we always plan on keeping it this way.

However, in order to maintain our servers and infrastructure we do rely on various forms of support to keep us innovating. There are a number of simple ways you can help. The easiest and most cost-effective way is simply click on our affiliate links when making your LEGO purchases. Other ways include making PayPal donations or joining us on Patreon.

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Affiliates Affiliates

Support the work that BrickEconomy does by purchasing your LEGO through one of our affiliate links. When you click a "Buy" button for, eBay, Amazon or some of our other affiliates BrickEconomy will get about 1% of your total purchase. This helps us a lot and there is no extra cost to you.

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Make a small, simple one-time donation via our PayPal link. It's easy and very appreciated!

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Join us as a Patreon member and select from multiple membership levels. Each membership level is a small monthly subscription fee and is eligible for various perks and benefits such as priority features and support and early access with new feature suggestions.

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Can I just say what a fantastic website this is as a resource for collectors like me to understand the current value of their Lego. Keep up the amazing work! ─ Bristol, United Kingdom
Amazing! What a genius idea, UI is great and easy to use. ─ London, United Kingdom
It is a great platform. I love it, it's enormously helpful.─ Texas, United States
This site is amazing. Big like to you guys and thank you. I will support you.─ Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
Love the site, first of all. It's a great resource for me when shopping for old sets.─Michigan, United States
Outstanding site! Was wondering about the current value of my Star Wars Lego collection and this site was amazing in helping me get that figured out as well as giving me detailed information about each piece. Fantastic! Keep up the great work!─Canada
This is a great tool that helps collectors know what the value of their collection is.─New York, United States