The LEGO Animal Crossing theme consists of 9 minifigs, the first of which was introduced this year, and consists of 10 sets.
Most valuable Animal Crossing minifig
Tom Nook (ani001) $19.23
Highest growth Animal Crossing minifig
Rosie (ani002) +38.14%
Most owned Animal Crossing minifig
Maple (ani007)
Set with the most Animal Crossing minifigs
77052 K.K's Concert at the Plaza 3 minifigs
The LEGO Animal Crossing theme, introduced in 2024, brings to life characters from the popular Animal Crossing video game series. Notable minifigures include fan-favorite villagers such as Tom Nook, the entrepreneurial raccoon, and Isabelle, the cheerful assistant. Other key characters include K.K. Slider, the musical dog, and various resident villagers like Rosie and Stitches. The theme captures the essence of the game with detailed minifigures representing the diverse and charming inhabitants of the Animal Crossing world.
Minifig number ani009
Value $8.90
Growth 11.1%
Minifig number ani008
Value $8.45
Growth 5.5%
Minifig number ani007
Value $3.36
Growth 4.7%
Minifig number ani006
Value $9.28
Growth 8.5%
Minifig number ani005
Value $9.33
Growth 8.6%
Minifig number ani004
Value $10.31
Growth 8.6%
Minifig number ani003
Value $11.54
Growth 13.5%
Minifig number ani002
Value $17.24
Growth 38.1%
Minifig number ani001
Value $19.23
Growth 21.6%