The LEGO DREAMZzz theme, introduced in 2023, includes 43 minifigs from 37 sets. These minifigs have an average annual growth rate of 8.7%.
Most valuable DREAMZzz minifig
Mr. Oz (drm020) $26.50
Most owned DREAMZzz minifig
Nightmare King (drm012)
Set with the most DREAMZzz minifigs
71486 Castle Nocturnia 11 minifigs
The LEGO DREAMZzz theme, introduced in 2023, features a range of minifigures that bring to life characters from a fantastical dream world. Key minifigures include Mateo, Izzie, and Z-Blob, who embark on imaginative adventures within the dream realm. These characters are designed with vibrant colors and unique accessories that emphasize the whimsical and imaginative nature of the theme. The sets often include fantastical elements and dream-inspired landscapes, allowing builders to explore and create within a surreal and magical universe.
Minifig number drm044
Mateo with a neck bracket
Value $3.20
Growth  +12.3%
Minifig number drm043
Grimspawn with a bright pink head
Value $5.64
Growth  +58.0%
Minifig number drm041
Value $3.50
Growth  +17.1%
Minifig number drm040
Value $16.04
Growth  +38.2%
Minifig number drm039
Value $8.21
Growth  +53.7%
Minifig number drm038
Value $11.90
Growth  +111.4%
Minifig number drm037
Albert wearing a gold suit
Value $5.32
Growth  +20.6%
Minifig number drm036
Value $5.04
Growth  +10.0%
Minifig number drm035
Mr. Oz wearing a gold suit and armor
Value $10.62
Growth  +112.4%
Minifig number drm034
A minifigure with robot arms wearing a red racing suit, blue utility belt, and a helmet
Value $5.04
Growth  +13.5%
Annual growth 8.7%
Minifig number drm033
Value $2.01
Growth  +17.5%
Minifig number drm032
Value $3.97
Growth  +6.7%
Minifig number drm031
Mrs. Castillo with a reddish brown and flat silver backpack
Value $2.73
Growth  +7.1%
Minifig number drm030
Izzie, also known as Isabel Christina Garcia, wears medium lavender shoulder pads armor and a bright light orange skirt
Value $5.51
Growth  +48.5%
Minifig number drm029
Value $3.48
Growth  +7.4%
Minifig number drm028
Value $3.11
Growth  +11.9%
Minifig number drm027
Cooper wearing a red racing driver suit with a blue utility belt
Value $4.44
Growth  +17.8%
Minifig number drm026
Value $4.96
Growth  +75.3%
Minifig number drm025
Value $4.54
Growth  +18.5%
Minifig number drm024
Value $4.67
Growth  +53.6%
Minifig number drm023
Value $4.80
Growth  +2.3%
Minifig number drm022
Value $5.41
Growth  +53.7%
Minifig number drm021
Mateo wearing a bright green utility belt and cape
Value $3.53
Growth  +1.1%
Minifig number drm020
Value $26.50
Growth  +293.8%
Minifig number drm019
Value $5.00
Growth  +17.6%
Minifig number drm018
Value $4.50
Growth  +55.2%
Minifig number drm017
Value $4.52
Growth  +124.9%
Minifig number drm016
Mateo wearing a red backpack
Value $3.41
Growth  +17.6%
Minifig number drm015
Zoey wearing a reddish brown arrow quiver
Value $4.13
Growth  +37.7%
Minifig number drm014
Mrs. Castillo with a reddish brown backpack
Value $4.38
Growth  +41.3%
Minifig number drm013
Value $1.31
Growth  +18.0%
Minifig number drm012
Value $7.89
Growth  +98.7%
Minifig number drm011
Value $4.44
Growth  +18.4%
Minifig number drm010
Value $3.27
Growth  +17.6%
Minifig number drm009
Zoey wearing a dark turquoise cape
Value $5.00
Growth  +5.0%
Minifig number drm008
Cooper with a red racing driver jacket with dark blue legs
Value $6.73
Growth  +42.3%
Minifig number drm007
Value $9.74
Growth  +50.3%
Minifig number drm006
Value $3.06
Growth  +10.1%
Minifig number drm005
Value $3.54
Growth  +50.0%
Minifig number drm004
Value $2.05
Growth  +17.8%
Minifig number drm003
Mateo with a bright green utility belt
Value $2.69
Growth  +17.5%
Minifig number drm002
Castle Grimspawn with a black closed helmet
Value $3.15
Growth  +12.1%
Minifig number drm001
Isabel Christina Garcia (Izzie) wearing medium lavender shoulder pads armor
Value $4.09
Growth  +17.5%