Mini-doll figure number frnd260
Friends Andrea, Light Aqua Layered Skirt, Bright Light Orange Top with Winged Music Notes
Value $2.14
Growth 49.7%
Annual growth 8.5%
Mini-doll figure number frnd256
Friends Stephanie, Dark Blue Layered Skirt, Medium Azure and Dark Purple Jacket
Value $2.03
Growth 25.3%
Annual growth 4.7%
Mini-doll figure number frnd255
Friends Mia, Dark Purple Shorts, Lime Top
Value $4.48
Growth 107.4%
Annual growth 16.0%
Mini-doll figure number frnd250
Friends Stephanie, Dark Blue Layered Skirt, White T-Shirt with 'I Heart HLC' Pattern
Value $4.40
Growth 126.8%
Annual growth 9.8%
Mini-doll figure number frnd248
Friends Emma, Dark Purple Skirt, Medium Lavender Top, Light Aqua Shoes
Value $2.54
Growth 93.9%
Annual growth 10.1%
Mini-doll figure number frnd235
Friends Olivia, Bright Light Yellow Skirt, Dark Pink Top
Value $1.46
Growth 40.4%
Annual growth 6.9%