The LEGO Harry Potter Deathly Hallows subtheme consists of 26 minifigs that were released from 2011 to 2023 and based 4 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 4.3%.
Most valuable Harry Potter Deathly Hallows minifig
Narcissa Malfoy (hp126) $18.96
Highest growth Deathly Hallows minifig
Lucius Malfoy (hp104) +150.67%
Most owned Harry Potter Deathly Hallows minifig
Dementor (hp155)
Set with the most Harry Potter Deathly Hallows minifigs
76403 The Ministry of Magic 9 minifigs
The Deathly Hallows subtheme includes minifigures like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Voldemort. The storyline follows the trio's quest to find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, culminating in the final battle at Hogwarts where good triumphs over evil.
Minifig number hp426
Value $6.12
Growth  +26.2%
Minifig number hp425
Neville Longbottom wears a fair isle sweater with sand blue legs
Value $3.51
Growth  +7.7%
Minifig number hp424
Bellatrix Lestrange in a black dress with dual molded arms
Value $8.15
Growth  +54.6%
Minifig number hp423
Molly Weasley wearing a reddish brown coat
Value $5.50
Growth  +70.8%
Minifig number hp422
Lord Voldemort wearing a sand green robe
Value $6.92
Growth  +48.5%
Minifig number hp421
Harry Potter with a dark tan jacket and sand blue legs
Value $3.15
Growth  +12.9%
Minifig number hp363
Statue - The Ministry of Magic (Monochrome)
Value $1.74
Growth  +17.6%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number hp362
Reg Cattermole with Ron Weasley transformation
Value $1.95
Growth  +17.5%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number hp361
Mafalda Hopkirk, Hermione Granger Transformation
Value $1.82
Growth  +17.4%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number hp360
Albert Runcorn and Harry Potter transformation
Value $2.68
Growth  +30.1%
Annual growth 13.6%
Minifig number hp359
Arthur Weasley in a light bluish gray suit
Value $2.10
Growth  +17.3%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number hp358
Value $2.31
Growth  +16.1%
Annual growth 7.6%
Minifig number hp357
Value $2.16
Growth  +11.3%
Annual growth 5.4%
Minifig number hp356
Dolores Umbridge, professor, wearing a dark pink jacket with a cat scarf
Value $2.32
Growth  +8.9%
Annual growth 4.3%
Minifig number hp344
Value $1.99
Growth  +17.8%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number hp155
Black Dementor with a black cape
Value $3.76
Growth  +25.8%
Annual growth 0.4%
Minifig number hp132
Value $6.28
Growth  +86.9%
Annual growth 4.9%
Minifig number hp131
Value $7.99
Growth  +53.9%
Annual growth 3.3%
Minifig number hp130
Remus Lupin wearing a dark tan suit
Value $10.83
Growth  +60.7%
Annual growth 3.7%
Minifig number hp129
Neville Longbottom wearing a Fair Isle sweater
Value $11.99
Growth  +67.9%
Annual growth 4.0%
Minifig number hp126
Narcissa Malfoy
Value $18.96
Growth  +129.8%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number hp111
Hagrid with dark brown topcoat with buttons
Value $9.95
Growth  +46.3%
Annual growth 2.8%
Minifig number hp104
Lucius Malfoy with light nougat coloring
Value $7.52
Growth  +150.7%
Annual growth 6.9%
Minifig number hp101
Dementor wearing a black cloak and hood
Value $13.50
Growth  +58.8%
Annual growth 3.4%
Minifig number hp098
Voldemort with a white head and black cape
Value $8.00
Growth  +139.5%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number hp094
Harry Potter wearing Gryffindor stripe and shield torso with black legs
Value $2.77
Growth  +15.4%
Annual growth 1.0%