Minifig number hp363
Statue - The Ministry of Magic (Monochrome)
Value $2.27
Growth 25.4%
Minifig number hp362
Reg Cattermole, Ron Weasley Transformation
Reg Cattermole
Value $4.02
Growth 28.4%
Minifig number hp361
Mafalda Hopkirk, Hermione Granger Transformation
Mafalda Hopkirk
Value $3.78
Growth 51.2%
Minifig number hp360
Albert Runcorn, Harry Potter Transformation
Albert Runcorn
Value $4.03
Growth 31.7%
Minifig number hp359
Arthur Weasley, Light Bluish Gray Suit
Arthur Weasley
Value $3.54
Growth 26.9%
Minifig number hp358
Pius Thicknesse
Value $4.50
Growth 32.7%
Minifig number hp357
Corban Yaxley
Value $4.29
Growth 26.5%
Minifig number hp356
Professor Dolores Umbridge, Dark Pink Jacket with Cat Scarf
Professor Dolores Umbridge
Value $3.90
Growth 24.6%
Minifig number hp344
Mary Cattermole
Value $3.54
Growth 27.8%
Minifig number hp155
Dementor, Black with Black Cape
Value $3.51
Minifig number hp132
Gregory Goyle
Value $6.45
Growth 92.0%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number hp131
Professor Pomona Sprout
Value $8.92
Growth 24.1%
Annual growth 1.9%
Minifig number hp130
Professor Remus Lupin - Dark Tan Suit
Professor Remus Lupin
Value $12.39
Growth 83.8%
Annual growth 5.3%
Minifig number hp129
Neville Longbottom - Fair Isle Sweater
Neville Longbottom
Value $12.97
Growth 81.7%
Annual growth 5.2%
Minifig number hp126
Narcissa Malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy
Value $16.91
Growth 105.0%
Annual growth 6.3%
Minifig number hp111
Rubeus Hagrid, Dark Brown Topcoat with Buttons
Rubeus Hagrid
Value $9.86
Growth 45.0%
Annual growth 3.0%
Minifig number hp104
Lucius Malfoy, Light Nougat
Lucius Malfoy
Value $6.52
Growth 117.3%
Annual growth 6.5%
Minifig number hp101
Dementor, Black Cloak and Hood
Value $13.84
Growth 62.8%
Annual growth 4.0%
Minifig number hp098
Voldemort, White Head and Black Cape
Value $8.00
Growth 139.5%
Annual growth 7.3%
Minifig number hp094
Harry Potter, Gryffindor Stripe and Shield Torso, Black Legs
Harry Potter
Value $2.95
Growth 22.9%
Annual growth 1.7%