Minifig number hp321
Draco Malfoy, Hogwarts Robe
Draco Malfoy
Value $3.95
Growth 15.8%
Minifig number hp320
Hermione Granger, Hogwarts Robe
Hermione Granger
Value $3.99
Growth 9.0%
Minifig number hp319
Ron Weasley, Hogwarts Robe
Ron Weasley
Value $4.09
Growth 13.9%
Minifig number hp318
Griphook, Dark Red Suit
Value $4.40
Growth 22.9%
Minifig number hp317
Dudley Dursley, Striped Pajamas
Dudley Dursley
Value $4.39
Growth 21.9%
Minifig number hp316
Harry Potter, Sand Blue Jacket, Smiling
Harry Potter
Value $4.09
Growth 18.2%
Minifig number hp208
Hermione Granger, Hogwarts Robe Clasped with Gryffindor Shield, Black Short Legs
Hermione Granger
Value $2.72
Growth 81.3%
Annual growth 29.4%
Minifig number hp207
Ron Weasley, Dark Red Sweater with Letter \R\
Ron Weasley
Value $2.41
Growth 60.7%
Annual growth 24.9%
Minifig number hp206
Harry Potter, Dark Blue Sweater with Letter \H\
Harry Potter
Value $2.41
Growth 29.6%
Annual growth 12.9%
Minifig number hp205
Filius Flitwick, Light Bluish Gray Vest
Filius Flitwick
Value $2.49
Growth 31.7%
Annual growth 13.8%
Minifig number hp204
Hogwarts Architect Statue
Value $2.87
Growth 22.6%
Annual growth 10.0%
Minifig number hp152a
Professor Minerva McGonagall (Single Sided Head)
Professor Minerva McGonagall
Value $2.53
Growth 75.7%
Annual growth 29.4%
Minifig number hp147
Albus Dumbledore
Value $2.97
Growth 29.7%
Annual growth 8.6%