Minifig number wtr005
Town Vest Formal - Waiter with Chef\s Hat
Value $2.93
Growth 1.4%
Annual growth 0.1%
Minifig number wc021
Firefighter - Reflective Stripes, Black Legs, White Fire Helmet, Silver Sunglasses
Value $1.90
Growth 54.5%
Annual growth 2.5%
Minifig number twn011
Shirt with 2 Pockets No Collar, Green Legs, Red Cap
Value $3.51
Growth 106.5%
Annual growth 4.7%
Minifig number trn222
Dark Blue Suit with Train Logo, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Black Hat, Beard and Glasses
Train Worker
Value $3.99
Growth 108.9%
Annual growth 5.2%
Minifig number trn143
Orange Vest with Safety Stripes - Orange Legs and Dark Bluish Gray Hips, Red Construction Helmet, Dark Bluish Gray Beard, Glasses
Train Engineer
Value $2.86
Growth 13.0%
Annual growth 0.9%
Minifig number trn122
Dark Blue Suit with Train Logo, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Black Hat, Gray Beard
Train Conductor
Value $3.93
Growth 120.8%
Annual growth 4.9%
Minifig number trn120
Orange Vest with Safety Stripes - Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Glasses, Black Hat
Value $3.74
Growth 228.1%
Annual growth 7.1%
Minifig number post008
Post Office White Envelope and Stripe, Black Legs, Red Short Bill Cap, Gray Beard
Post Office Worker
Value $2.76
Growth 17.4%
Annual growth 1.3%
Minifig number pln160
Plain Red Torso with Red Arms, Dark Blue Short Legs, Lopsided Smile (Child)
Value $2.33
Growth 18.9%
Annual growth 1.4%
Minifig number par063
Surfboard on Ocean - Blue Legs, Black Ponytail Hair
Value $3.12
Growth 39.3%
Annual growth 2.4%
Minifig number par057
Surfboard on Ocean - Blue Legs, Red Cap
Value $2.67
Growth 67.9%
Annual growth 3.0%
Minifig number ovr033
Overalls Striped Blue with Pocket, Blue Legs, Black Female Hair
Male with Overalls
Value $1.77
Minifig number oct053
Octan - Blue Oil, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Red Cap, Glasses
Octan Worker
Value $1.96
Growth 56.8%
Annual growth 3.1%
Minifig number oct049
Octan - Blue Oil, Blue Legs, Red Cap, Chin Dimple
Octan Worker
Value $2.39
Growth 7.7%
Annual growth 0.4%
Minifig number hol251
Fendrich - Santa Claus Suit
Value $3.44
Growth 9.9%
Minifig number hol250
Police - Crook Big Betty, Ice Skates
Value $2.74
Growth 44.2%
Minifig number hol249
Top Hat Tom
Value $3.13
Growth 12.6%
Minifig number hol248
Fire Fighter - Bob, Red Hat
Fire Fighter
Value $2.42
Growth 79.3%
Minifig number hol247
Sam Grizzled - Ice Skates
Sam Grizzled
Value $3.09
Growth 36.1%
Minifig number hol166
Snowmobile Driver - Male, Tan Knit Sweater, White Legs, Dark Bluish Gray Hair
Snowmobile Driver
Value $2.38
Growth 42.5%
Annual growth 13.7%
Minifig number hol165
Grandmother - Dark Tan Fair Isle Sweater, Nougat Hair, Glasses
Value $2.74
Growth 66.1%
Annual growth 21.2%
Minifig number hol163
Boy - Freckles, Green Sweater, Tan Short Legs, Blue Cap with Tiny Yellow Propeller
Boy with green sweater
Value $2.43
Growth 39.7%
Annual growth 12.8%
Minifig number hol162
Sweeper - Medium Blue Jacket with Pockets, Fur-Lined Hood
Value $2.39
Growth 51.3%
Annual growth 16.2%
Minifig number hol160
Snowman with 2 x 2 Round Brick as Legs
Value $1.90
Growth 52.0%
Annual growth 16.4%
Minifig number hol130
Snowman with 2 x 2 Curved Top Brick as Legs
Value $2.06
Growth 48.2%
Annual growth 11.1%
Minifig number hol129
Chef - Tan Knit Sweater, Dark Green Legs, Bushy Moustache
Value $1.96
Growth 94.1%
Annual growth 19.7%
Minifig number hol128
Parka with Zipper, Blue Short Legs, Ski Beanie, Freckles
Boy with parka
Value $1.72
Growth 65.4%
Annual growth 14.3%
Minifig number hol127
Sweater Cropped with Bow, Heart Necklace, Dark Tan Short Legs, Dark Orange Ponytail Long with Side Bangs, Freckles and Glasses
Girl with cropped sweater
Value $1.73
Growth 66.3%
Annual growth 14.5%
Minifig number hol126
Female, White Legs, Parka with Medium Lavender Scarf, Bright Light Yellow Ponytail, Open Mouth
Female with parka
Value $1.94
Growth 67.2%
Annual growth 14.7%
Minifig number hol125
Santa, Red Legs, Fur Lined Jacket with Button, Gray Bushy Eyebrows
Value $3.72
Growth 43.6%
Annual growth 10.1%
Minifig number hol110
Santa, Red Legs, Fur Lined Jacket with Button, Glasses
Value $4.17
Growth 103.4%
Annual growth 16.1%
Minifig number hol109
City Jungle Explorer - Dark Orange Jacket with Pouches, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Tan Cap with Hole, Big Smile
Jungle Explorer
Value $1.84
Growth 67.3%
Annual growth 11.5%
Minifig number hol108
Coast Guard City Female
Coast Guard Female
Value $1.93
Growth 66.4%
Annual growth 11.4%
Minifig number hol107
Coast Guard City ATV Driver Female, Blue Legs, Blue Cap with Hole
ATV Driver Female
Value $1.97
Growth 79.1%
Annual growth 13.1%
Minifig number hol106
Grandmother - Fair Isle Sweater, Light Bluish Gray Hair with Top Knot Bun, Dark Blue Legs, Glasses
Value $3.00
Growth 84.0%
Annual growth 13.9%
Minifig number hol105
Winter Jacket Zipper, Dark Azure Short Legs, Light Bluish Gray Sports Helmet
Boy with winter jacket
Value $1.98
Growth 39.4%
Annual growth 7.3%
Minifig number hol081
Ice Hockey Player Girl
Value $2.89
Growth 102.1%
Annual growth 13.3%
Minifig number hol080
Ice Hockey Player Boy
Value $2.98
Growth 108.4%
Annual growth 13.7%
Minifig number hol061
Swamp Police - Officer, Shirt, Dark Tan Hat, Lopsided Grin
Swamp Police
Value $1.75
Growth 45.8%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number hol059
Medium Blue Jacket with Light Purple Scarf, Medium Lavender Short Legs, Reddish Brown Female Hair over Shoulder
Value $2.71
Growth 73.7%
Annual growth 8.6%
Minifig number hol058
Green V-Neck Sweater, Blue Short Legs, Dark Orange Tousled Hair
Value $2.17
Growth 66.9%
Annual growth 7.9%
Minifig number hol057
Plain Blue Torso, Tan Short Legs, Blue Hood Fur-lined
Value $2.08
Growth 49.6%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number hol042
Police - Gold Badge, Police Hat, Open Grin
Value $2.25
Growth 38.9%
Annual growth 4.4%
Minifig number hol041
Police - Jail Prisoner 86753 Prison Stripes, Black Knit Cap, Mask
Jail Prisoner
Value $1.91
Growth 54.0%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number hol040
Police - Gold Badge, Police Hat, Black Eyebrows, Smile
Value $2.12
Growth 40.4%
Annual growth 4.5%
Minifig number hol039
Winter Jacket Zipper, Dark Purple Short Legs, Reddish Brown Female Hair Mid-Length, Ice Skates
Value $2.62
Growth 52.3%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number hol038
Overalls Farmer Green, Dark Brown French Braided Female Hair
Value $2.20
Growth 27.9%
Annual growth 3.2%
Minifig number hol037
White Hoodie with Blue Pockets, Blue Short Legs, Dark Orange Hair, Crooked Smile with Black Dimple
Value $1.95
Growth 6.0%
Annual growth 0.7%
Minifig number hol036
Santa, Red Legs, Fur Lined Jacket, Brown Eyebrows
Value $4.52
Growth 36.1%
Annual growth 4.1%
Minifig number hol021
Snowman with 1 x 2 Brick as Legs
Value $3.09
Growth 59.3%
Annual growth 5.4%