Minifig number twn026
Red Jacket with Zipper Pockets and Classic Space Logo, Black Legs, Black Cap, Green Backpack with Sleeping Bag
Male with Red Jacket
Value $9.47
Growth 330.5%
Annual growth 7.8%
Minifig number twn020
Dark Blue Jacket, Light Blue Shirt, Black Legs, Square Glasses, Black Male Hair
Male with Dark Blue Jacket
Value $4.32
Growth 46.9%
Annual growth 2.0%
Minifig number trn131
Engineer Max with Dark Bluish Gray Hands
Engineer Max
Value $6.91
Growth 58.5%
Annual growth 2.4%
Minifig number trn117
Medium Blue Jacket, White Legs, Black Mid-Length Female Hair
Female in Blue Jacket
Value $19.53
Growth 41.6%
Annual growth 1.8%
Minifig number trn116
Suit Black, Flat Top, Blue Sunglasses
Male in Black Suit
Value $3.73
Growth 12.0%
Annual growth 0.6%
Minifig number trn115
Dark Blue Suit with Train Logo, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Red Hat, Rectangular Glasses - Passenger Train Engineer
Value $2.84
Growth 68.0%
Annual growth 2.7%
Minifig number trn076
Engineer Max with Dark Gray Hands
Engineer Max
Value $7.57
Minifig number trn075
Conductor Charlie
Value $7.63
Growth 60.6%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number trn004
Timmy, Dark Blue Legs, Red Cap, Backpack
Value $12.75
Minifig number trn002
Orange Vest with Safety Stripes - Blue Legs, Beard Stubble, Red Construction Helmet
Railway Construction Worker
Value $2.26
Growth 29.1%
Annual growth 1.3%
Minifig number trn001
Orange Vest with Safety Stripes - Blue Legs, Moustache, Red Construction Helmet
Construction Worker
Value $3.64
Growth 142.7%
Annual growth 4.7%
Minifig number chef010
Chef - White Torso with 8 Buttons, Light Gray Legs, Long Curly Moustache
Value $3.00