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10261 Roller Coaster is a 4,124 piece Creator Expert exclusive set with 11 minifigs released in 2018. While the MSRP is $379.99, the current average price on the secondary markets is around $336. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid 2021. Once retired, the initial annual growth for the first year will be around 15% but will level off closer to 13% after the second year, which will value the set bewteen $516 and $628 shortly after retirement.
Retirement risk. Roller Coaster should be retiring in most LEGO retail markets and regional online shops very soon. A number of regions have already retired this set.

For Sale (New/Sealed)

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(US) Creator Roller Coaster 10261 Roller Coaster
BrickEconomy Choice
(CZ) BrickLink store Brick Vader
(HK) BrickLink store UncleSix
(ES) BrickLink store Rickebrick
(BE) BrickLink store Venusia_Bricks
(AU) 10261 Roller Coaster Domestic shipping around $35 (depends on location). Please note ...
(RO) NEW & SEALED, Box in good condition, but not MINT, with some scratches.Picture can be...
(US) BrickLink store Dad's Old Bin
(HU) Please read before buying Terms and Shipping Policy!
(HK) If you need more quantity, please let us know.
(DK) Box has light wear.
(CZ) Read terms, ask for shipping/photos.
(DE) BrickLink store Bunte Steinewelt
(US) Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 Building Kit (4124 Pieces)
(AT) Roller Coaster from BrickLink seller stefxan
(US) BrickLink store Almost Dawn Bricks
(CZ) BrickLink store BrickLandEU
(IT) BrickLink store Mattoncini Prato
(US) - Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261
(US) Offical set 10261 Roller Coaster at
(NL) BrickLink store Brick Exclusive
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Capture the speed, thrills and excitement of the ultimate fairground attraction with this incredible LEGO® Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster. This fully functional chain-lift model comes with 2 trains and an array of authentic features and functions, including a ticket booth, cotton candy cart, concession stand, height marker, and a covered boarding station complete with opening barriers and a control panel. Lower the lap bars to secure the riders into the cars and release the brake to send the train to the foot of the first climb. Then activate the chain lift and enjoy the ride as the gravity-driven cars hurtle through the Roller Coaster’s twists and turns.

Fully functional chain-lift Roller Coaster model features a classic brick-built sign, control panel, 2 trains—each consisting of 3 train cars with low-friction wheels, and a 44-piece track consisting of 7 different rail elements. Also features a ticket booth, fountain, cotton candy cart, concession stand, waiting area...
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