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10309 Succulents is a 771 piece Creator Expert set released in 2022. The current retail price is $49.99, however, the average price on the secondary markets is around $55 which could indicate the set is backordered or temporarily out of stock in various regions. Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 7% after the second year, which will value the set between $64 and $73 shortly after it is retired.

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(US) New LEGO Succulents - Collection 1, Orange Echeueria, Aloe, and Hens & Chickens!
(US) New LEGO Succulents - Collection 2, Moon Cactus, Lavender Echeueria & Sm Green!
(US) New LEGO Succulents - Collection 3 - Burro's Tail, Red Echeueria & Ball Cactus!
(US) Offical set 10309 Botanical Collection Succulents at
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(US) 10309 Botanical Collection Succulents Same Day Shipping
(US) 10309 Botanic Collection Succulents (771 pcs) Brand New! Sealed In Box!
(US) Botanic Collection Succulents 10309 in hand ship in box worldwide
(US) 10309 Botanic Collection Succulents (771 pcs) Brand New! Sealed In Box!
(JP) BOTANICAL COLLECTION Succulents 10309 Block Building Toy w/ Tracking NEW
(US) Succulents 10309 Plant Decor Building Set (771 Pieces) New Free Shipping
(US) LEGO ICONS Botanic Collection SUCCULENT 10309 771 Pieces BRAND NEW!
(US) 10309 Botanic Collection Succulents (771 pcs) Brand New! Sealed In Box!
(US) Ideas 10309 Botanical Collection Succulents. Brand New. Factory Sealed
(US) 10309 Succulents Plant Decor Building Set (771 Pieces)
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Succulents are a popular way to introduce plants into the home and enhance your decor. Now you can enjoy a mindful building project as you create an elegant plant display for your living space with this LEGO® Succulents (10309) building kit for adults. Take your time crafting all the details of the 9 different succulents – each inspired by a real-life variety. Then show off your creativity with the ultimate low-maintenance plant display.

Personalize your display
Each succulent comes in its own small container. Combine them to create 1 arrangement, display in small groups or show them off individually throughout your home, office or bedroom. This set also makes a great gift idea for plant lovers, and with 3 separate instruction booklets it’s the perfect project to enjoy with friends and family.

Building creativity, piece by piece
Discover the space to be mindful and the time to relax with buildable models designed specifically for adults from the LEGO Botanical...
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