Set Value (New/Sealed)

This represents the current new/sealed value of the set Amusement Park since May 1998. Medium accuracy
LEGO 3683 Amusement Park was a 93 piece Fabuland set with 4 FabuFigs released in 1988. It includes Clive Crocodile, Freddy Fox, Lucy Lamb and Maximillian Mouse.
Amusement Park is an extremely old and very rare LEGO set. We have not seen set 3683-1 currently for sale online or in the hundreds of retail stores in good/new condition in over 1,781 days. Because of the rarity of this hard to find set the current estimated value of $551.03 might actually be much lower than the true value assuming this set can be found for sale.

Sets in Fabuland

Theme Fabuland
Year 1988
Pieces / FabuFigs 53 / 2
Availability Retired
3646 LEGO Fabuland Catherine Cat in Her Kitchen
Retail $5.49
Value $268.83
Growth 4796.7%
Annual growth 17.4%
Theme Fabuland
Year 1988
Pieces / FabuFigs 27 / 3
Availability Retired
3680 LEGO Fabuland Caravan and Rowboat
Retail $17.50
Value $499.00
Growth 2751.4%
Annual growth 11.1%
Theme Fabuland
Year 1988
Pieces / FabuFigs 24 / 2
Availability Retired
3623 LEGO Fabuland Beauty Salon
Retail $4.50
Value $300.00
Growth 6566.7%
Annual growth 13.5%
Theme Fabuland
Year 1988
Pieces / FabuFigs 24 / 1
Availability Retired
3798 LEGO Fabuland Hannah Hippopotamus on a Picnic
Retail $3.00
Value $104.84
Growth 3394.7%
Annual growth 9.4%
Theme Fabuland
Year 1988
Pieces / FabuFigs 12 / 2
Availability Retired
3622 LEGO Fabuland Rowboat with Lionel Lion and Hannah Hippopotamus
Retail $4.49
Value $94.70
Growth 2009.1%
Annual growth 13.3%
Theme Fabuland
Year 1988
Pieces / FabuFigs 10 / 1
Availability Retired
3721 LEGO Fabuland Clive Crocodile on His Skateboard
Retail $2.49
Value $154.28
Growth 6096.0%
Annual growth 13.6%
Catherine Cat runs the Ferris wheel at the FABULAND Amusement Park. She makes sure no one has an accident and falls off. “Safety first” she says. Mike Monkey is Cathy's helper. He s also the handyman. Mike fixes the seats they lock on tight. Mike works very hard. Freddy Fox Is the businessman. He runs the slide ride and sell all the tickets, Freddy makes sure everybody pays - no one rides for free
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