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41931 Extra DOTS - Series 4 is a 105 piece Dots set released in 2021. Once retired, the initial annual growth for the first year will be around 15% but will level off closer to 13% after the second year, which will value the set bewteen $5 and $5 shortly after retirement. Based on the annual growth expectations Extra DOTS - Series 4 is expected to become a valuable collector set.

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Sets in Dots / Extra Dots

Theme / Subtheme Dots / Extra Dots
Year 2020
Pieces 110
40438 LEGO Extra Dots - Levi Jeans Confetti Bag
Theme / Subtheme Dots / Extra Dots
Year 2021
Pieces 107
Availability Retail
41921 LEGO Extra Dots - Series 3
Retail $3.99
Available at retail
Kids and arts-and-crafts fans will love this animal-themed, collectible LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS – Series 4 (41931) bag! Made to work with all the different LEGO DOTS toy sets, these easy extra tiles and bricks offer kids the chance to expand their designs and personalize them to suit their outfit, mood or room decor.

Awesome creativity in a bag
This great bag features 105 colorful pieces, including cute animal eye and mouth tiles, ear and paw bricks, colored tiles and 10 mystery tiles from a range of 16 possible decorations – what’s in the bag is a surprise! Kids can build on their creative skills as they customize their bag tags, bracelet kits or room decor items.

Make arts and crafts even more fun
The joy of this bag is the chance for kids to be even more imaginative in decorating their LEGO DOTS toys, to mix and match with their friends and show off their own unique designs. The bags make a fun reward or everyday gift for a creative youngster, or a top extra purchase with...
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