LEGO 501-3 JUMBO Pull Toy was a Classic set released in 1966. It was the European version and released in Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Related Sets

Theme / Subtheme Samsonite / Jumbo Bricks
Year 1966
Pieces 6
Availability Retired
042 LEGO Samsonite Jumbo Bricks Pre-School Set Brick Pull-Toy
Retail $3.50
Value $184.82
Growth 5180.6%
Annual growth 7.3%

Sets in Classic / Jumbo Bricks

Theme / Subtheme Classic / Jumbo Bricks
Year 1968
Pieces 16
Availability Retired
503-2 LEGO Jumbo Bricks Pre-School Large Set
Retail $2.50
Theme / Subtheme Classic / Jumbo Bricks
Year 1968
Pieces 8
Availability Retired
502-2 LEGO Jumbo Bricks Pre-School Medium Set
Retail $1.50
Lego Jumbo Bricks are three times the size of standard Lego and arc specially designed for children of up to 3 years who are not quite ready for ordinary Lego. The Pull Toy and the Basic Sets may be built into a variety of simple models which are illustrated on the boxes.
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