The LEGO Batman theme, released between 2005 and 2008, includes 28 minifigs from 15 sets. These minifigs have an average annual growth rate of 8.7%.
Most valuable Batman minifig
Bane (bat021) $209.00
Most owned Batman minifig
Batman (bat002)
Set with the most Batman minifigs
7783 The Batcave The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion 7 minifigs
The LEGO Batman theme, launched in 2006 and continuing through various subthemes and reboots, features a wide array of minifigures from the DC Comics universe. Key minifigures include Batman, with numerous variations of his suit, and his allies such as Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred Pennyworth. Villains are also prominently featured, including iconic characters like the Joker, Harley Quinn, the Penguin, and Catwoman. The theme spans multiple subthemes, including sets based on the classic Batman series, the LEGO Batman Movie, and more recent DC Super Heroes sets. These minifigures are known for their detailed designs and unique accessories.
Minifig number bat026
Harley Quinn with white hands
Value $33.28
Growth  +293.8%
Annual growth 8.9%
Minifig number bat025
Robin with short hair
Value $40.01
Growth  +708.3%
Annual growth 12.0%
Minifig number bat024
Batman with dark bluish gray suit with black mask
Value $19.99
Growth  +122.1%
Annual growth 5.1%
Minifig number bat023
The Riddler with complete jet pack
Value $19.10
Growth  +372.8%
Annual growth 9.7%
Minifig number bat022
Batman with light bluish gray suit with blue mask
Value $64.76
Growth  +1519.0%
Annual growth 10.9%
Minifig number bat021
Value $209.00
Growth  +2448.8%
Annual growth 20.2%
Minifig number bat020
Arkham Asylum Guard with light nougat head and black cap
Value $18.04
Growth  +418.4%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number bat019
Arkham Asylum Guard with medium brown head and black cap
Value $15.98
Growth  +304.6%
Annual growth 8.1%
Minifig number bat018
Value $31.68
Growth  +531.1%
Annual growth 10.9%
Minifig number bat017
Value $27.89
Growth  +285.2%
Annual growth 7.8%
Minifig number bat016
Scarecrow with glow in the dark head
Value $98.77
Growth  +1460.3%
Annual growth 15.2%
Minifig number bat015
Nightwing with blue arms and chest symbol
Value $62.44
Growth  +862.1%
Annual growth 11.7%
Minifig number bat014
Alfred Pennyworth the Butler with a bow tie
Value $50.00
Growth  +163.3%
Annual growth 6.0%
Minifig number bat013
Bruce Wayne with dark blue suit
Value $21.51
Growth  +425.9%
Annual growth 9.0%
Minifig number bat012
Value $10.00
Growth  +100.0%
Annual growth 4.2%
Minifig number bat011i
Mr. Freeze, Blue
Value $46.69
Growth  +619.4%
Annual growth 11.6%
Minifig number bat011c01
Value $72.90
Growth  +1358.0%
Annual growth 12.8%
Minifig number bat010
The Penguin with dark purple short legs
Value $12.05
Growth  +34.0%
Annual growth 1.8%
Minifig number bat009
Value $73.93
Growth  +639.3%
Annual growth 12.7%
Minifig number bat008
Value $54.07
Growth  +879.5%
Annual growth 11.7%
Minifig number bat007
Value $10.07
Growth  +235.7%
Annual growth 6.8%
Minifig number bat006
Value $20.05
Growth  +341.6%
Annual growth 9.3%
Minifig number bat005
Value $90.00
Growth  +471.4%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number bat004a
Two-Face with plain white hips
Value $42.50
Growth  +674.1%
Annual growth 7.4%
Minifig number bat004
Two-Face with black stripe hips
Value $45.00
Growth  +394.5%
Annual growth 12.1%
Minifig number bat003
Value $38.49
Growth  +671.3%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number bat002
Batman with black suit
Value $16.50
Growth  +159.0%
Annual growth 5.1%
Minifig number bat001
Batman with light bluish gray suit with black mask
Value $32.08
Growth  +358.9%
Annual growth 8.6%