Minifig number twn416
Mom - Bright Light Orange Jacket, Medium Lavender Legs, Dark Orange Hair
Mom - Bright Light Orange Jacket
Value $3.39
Growth 45.5%
Minifig number twn415
Boy - White Sweater with Red Horizontal Stripes, Sand Blue Short Legs, Dark Brown Hair
Boy - White Sweater
Value $2.86
Growth 22.7%
Minifig number twn414
Fairground Worker - Female, White Stripes and Red Bow Tie, Lime Legs, Bright Light Yellow Hair
Fairground Worker
Value $2.94
Growth 10.9%
Minifig number twn413
Fairground Worker - Male, White Stripes and Red Bow Tie, Lime Legs, Black Top Hat
Fairground Worker
Value $2.83
Growth 8.4%
Minifig number twn412
Dad - Light Bluish Gray Hoodie with Dark Red Shirt, Dark Blue Legs, Black Hair
Dad - Light Bluish Gray Hoodie
Value $2.86
Minifig number twn411
Astronaut - Female, Flat Silver Spacesuit with Harness and White Panel with Classic Space Logo, Reddish Brown Hair
Value $5.08
Minifig number twn410
Boy - Dark Red Jacket, Dark Turquoise Short Legs, Black Hair
Boy - Dark Red Jacket
Value $2.19
Minifig number twn409
Woman - Blue Jacket over Dark Red V-Neck Sweater, Medium Blue Legs, Dark Brown Hair
Value $1.75
Minifig number twn408
Tourist - Girl, Bright Pink Top with Butterflies and Flowers, Dark Turquoise Short Legs, Dark Orange Hair
Tourist Girl
Value $2.56
Minifig number twn407
Surfer - Male, White Tank Top with Dark Azure Windsurf, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Brown Hair
Surfer Male
Value $2.48
Minifig number twn401
Creator Droid
Value $4.29
Minifig number twn400
Astronaut - Male, Flat Silver Spacesuit
Value $6.24
Minifig number twn399
Female with Green Jacket, Red Legs, Reddish Brown Hair
Value $2.98
Growth 34.2%
Minifig number twn398
Male with Dark Tan Vest Over Dark Azure Shirt, Dark Tan Legs, Dark Brown Hair
Male with Dark Tan Vest
Value $2.99
Growth 34.7%
Minifig number twn397
Boy with Classic Space Shirt with Red Sleeves, Dark Blue Short Legs, Dark Orange Hair
Boy with Classic Space Shirt
Value $2.88
Growth 29.7%
Minifig number twn396
Male Driver with Dark Blue Jacket, Dark Tan Legs with Dark Bluish Gray Splotches, Dark Brown Hair
Male Driver
Value $2.50
Minifig number twn395
Female Mechanic with Dark Blue Overalls and Legs, Dark Orange Ponytail with Dark Blue Ball Cap
Female Mechanic
Value $2.74
Growth 1.5%
Annual growth 0.7%
Minifig number twn382
Boy, Dark Red Jacket with Light Bluish Gray Shirt, Dark Brown Hair, Blue Short Legs
Value $1.68
Growth 25.4%
Annual growth 10.1%
Minifig number twn381
Female, Toy Store Worker
Value $1.93
Growth 14.2%
Annual growth 5.9%
Minifig number twn380
Man, Dark Azure Hoodie with Green Striped Shirt, Tan Legs, Red Cap
Man in Dark Azure Hoodie
Value $1.68
Growth 8.4%
Annual growth 3.6%
Minifig number twn379
Man, Tan Tank Top, Black Moustache, Reddish Brown Suspenders and Aviator Cap with Dark Bluish Gray Goggles
Value $2.35
Growth 35.8%
Annual growth 14.2%
Minifig number twn378
Male with Blue Jacket over Dark Red V-Neck Sweater and Reddish Brown Legs
Male with Blue Jacket
Value $2.11
Growth 49.6%
Annual growth 15.7%
Minifig number twn377
Female with Reddish Brown Ponytail and Swept Sideways Fringe Hair, Red Scarf, Blue Striped Shirt and Green Pants
Value $2.04
Growth 44.7%
Annual growth 14.3%
Minifig number twn376
Child Girl with Medium Nougat Short Swept Sideways Hair and Red Short Legs
Child Girl
Value $2.17
Growth 53.9%
Annual growth 16.9%
Minifig number twn375
Helicopter Pilot - Dark Blue Suit with Harness
Helicopter Pilot
Value $3.10
Growth 40.3%
Annual growth 13.2%
Minifig number twn372
Child Boy with White Hoodie with Blue Pockets, Dark Azure Short Legs, Red Short Bill Cap
Child Boy with White Hoodie
Value $1.77
Growth 30.1%
Annual growth 9.9%
Minifig number twn371
Man with Plaid Button Shirt, Dark Green Legs, Dark Orange Hair
Man with Plaid Button Shirt
Value $2.13
Growth 56.6%
Annual growth 17.7%
Minifig number twn370
Child Girl with Halter Top with Green Apples and Lime Spots, Green Short Legs
Child Girl with Halter Top
Value $1.61
Growth 36.4%
Annual growth 11.9%
Minifig number twn369
Man with Hawaiian Shirt, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Red Cap
Man with Hawaiian Shirt
Value $1.62
Growth 45.9%
Annual growth 14.7%
Minifig number twn368
Grandfather with Flannel Shirt, Dark Tan Legs, Light Bluish Gray Hair
Value $1.93
Growth 44.0%
Annual growth 14.1%
Minifig number twn364
Pilot - Dark Orange Jumpsuit, Dark Orange Legs with Straps, White Helmet, Trans-Clear Visor, Black and Silver Sunglasses
Value $2.38
Growth 57.6%
Annual growth 14.5%
Minifig number twn363
Man with Red Flannel Shirt, Dark Green Pants and, Dark Brown Hair
Man with Red Flannel Shirt
Value $1.67
Growth 38.0%
Annual growth 10.1%
Minifig number twn362
Child Girl with Dark Azure Hoodie and Ponytail
Child Girl with Hoodie
Value $1.67
Growth 32.5%
Annual growth 8.8%
Minifig number twn343
Pirate Girl
Value $2.28
Growth 37.3%
Annual growth 8.8%
Minifig number twn342
Pirate Boy
Value $2.59
Growth 38.5%
Annual growth 9.0%
Minifig number twn340
Confectioner with Moustache
Value $2.00
Growth 70.9%
Annual growth 14.6%
Minifig number twn339
Boy with White Classic Space Shirt
Value $1.74
Growth 48.7%
Annual growth 10.7%
Minifig number twn338
Girl with Bright Pink Top and Ponytail
Value $2.24
Growth 64.7%
Annual growth 13.5%
Minifig number twn337
Girl with Orange Top and Medium Lavender Legs
Value $1.89
Growth 67.3%
Annual growth 14.0%
Minifig number twn336
Beach Tourist Female with Red Bathing Suit
Beach Tourist Female
Value $2.22
Growth 88.1%
Annual growth 17.5%
Minifig number twn335
Beach Tourist with Surfer Tank Top and Yellow Boots
Beach Tourist
Value $2.36
Growth 118.5%
Annual growth 22.0%
Minifig number twn334
Mechanic, Dark Green Cap, Dark Blue Legs
Value $2.00
Growth 72.4%
Annual growth 14.9%
Minifig number twn333
Driver, Stunt Show
Value $1.85
Growth 66.7%
Annual growth 14.0%
Minifig number twn332
Pirate Man, Striped Red and White Shirt Under Blue Vest, Red Bandana, Left Eye Patch and 3 Gold Teeth, Dark Tan Legs
Pirate Man
Value $2.23
Growth 55.9%
Annual growth 12.1%
Minifig number twn331
Man, Green Striped Shirt under Dark Blue Hoodie, Dark Brown Hair, Dark Blue Legs
Value $1.98
Growth 73.7%
Annual growth 15.1%
Minifig number twn330
Woman, Striped Pink Shirt with Flower Necklace, Dark Purple Legs, Dark Orange Female Hair Short Swept Sideways
Woman with Striped Pink Shirt
Value $2.01
Growth 42.6%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number twn329
Boy, Jersey with #39, Green Short Legs, Dark Green Cap
Value $1.72
Growth 50.9%
Annual growth 11.0%
Minifig number twn317
Winter Vacationer, Female
Winter Vacationer Female
Value $2.48
Growth 98.4%
Annual growth 17.1%
Minifig number twn316
Winter Vacationer, Male
Winter Vacationer Male
Value $2.28
Growth 101.8%
Annual growth 17.5%
Minifig number twn315
Surfer, Female
Surfer Female
Value $2.00
Growth 70.9%
Annual growth 13.2%