Minifig number ww025
Gold Prospector, Reddish Brown Fedora
Gold Prospector
Value $4.44
Growth 45.1%
Annual growth 5.4%
Minifig number twn283
Super Hero
Value $3.61
Growth 132.9%
Annual growth 10.2%
Minifig number twn282
Japanese Tea Partier
Value $3.13
Growth 15.1%
Annual growth 2.0%
Minifig number twn281
Female Dark Purple Blouse with Gold Sash and Flowers, Dark Purple Legs, Black Bob Cut Hair, Cape
Female Dark Purple Blouse
Value $3.48
Growth 7.1%
Annual growth 9.9%
Minifig number twn280
Medium Lavender Jacket over Lavender Shirt, Medium Blue Legs, Reddish Brown Female Hair Mid-Length
Value $3.34
Growth 3.7%
Annual growth 8.9%
Minifig number twn279
Orange Halter Top with Medium Blue Trim and Flowers Pattern, Blue Legs, Bright Light Yellow Ponytail and Swept Sideways Fringe
Female in Orange Jacket
Value $2.55
Growth 12.8%
Annual growth 1.7%
Minifig number trn240
Orange Vest with Safety Stripes - Orange Legs, Red Construction Helmet with Headset
Construction Worker
Value $2.88
Minifig number sp126
Droid/Robot, Long Neck
Value $2.02
Growth 5.8%
Annual growth 5.9%
Minifig number post011
Post Office White Envelope and Stripe, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Red Short Bill Cap
Post Office Worker
Value $3.31
Growth 31.9%
Annual growth 4.0%
Minifig number pln180
Plain Red Torso with Red Arms, Red Short Legs
Value $2.44
Growth 117.9%
Annual growth 13.0%
Minifig number pi184
Mermaid with Green Tail
Value $7.68
Growth 52.1%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number pi183
Merman with Green Tail
Value $6.60
Growth 76.9%
Annual growth 8.4%
Minifig number pi182
Imperial Soldier II with Shako Hat Plain and Backpack
Imperial Soldier
Value $6.80
Growth 103.6%
Annual growth 15.8%
Minifig number pi181
Imperial Soldier II with Shako Hat Plain
Imperial Soldier
Value $6.70
Growth 112.7%
Annual growth 9.1%
Minifig number pi180
Pirate Captain with White Plume Feather
Pirate Captain
Value $4.75
Growth 100.4%
Annual growth 12.3%
Minifig number pi179
Value $3.71
Growth 106.1%
Annual growth 10.7%
Minifig number hol086
Goblin Girl
Value $4.19
Growth 30.9%
Annual growth 3.9%
Minifig number hol085
Elf - Female, Dark Purple Top
Value $5.18
Growth 60.4%
Annual growth 7.0%
Minifig number doc037
Doctor - Lab Coat Stethoscope and Thermometer, Dark Green Legs, Long French Braided Female Hair
Value $4.16
Growth 30.0%
Annual growth 3.8%
Minifig number cty0727
Astronaut - Female
Astronaut Female
Value $3.67
Growth 34.9%
Annual growth 4.3%
Minifig number cty0726
Plaid Button Shirt Front and Back, Tan Legs, Dark Orange Tousled Hair
Male in Plaid Button Shirt
Value $3.51
Growth 40.4%
Annual growth 4.9%
Minifig number cty0725
Ice Cream Vendor - Top with Necklace
Ice Cream Vendor
Value $2.92
Growth 43.8%
Annual growth 5.3%
Minifig number cty0724
Female Corset with Gold Panel Front and Lace Up Back Pattern, Pearl Gold Legs, Black Hair Ponytail Long with Side Bangs
Value $3.44
Minifig number cty0723
Farm Hand, Female, Overalls Blue over V-Neck Shirt, Light Bluish Gray Hair with Top Knot Bun
Farm Hand Female
Value $4.65
Growth 133.7%
Annual growth 7.0%
Minifig number cty0722
Saxophone Player
Value $2.37
Growth 36.2%
Annual growth 4.5%
Minifig number cty0721
Female Drummer
Value $5.35
Growth 52.4%
Annual growth 6.1%
Minifig number cty0720
Skateboarder - Lime and Black Jacket
Value $2.70
Minifig number cty0719
Value $3.44
Minifig number cty0718
Value $3.06
Minifig number cty0717
Fire - Reflective Stripes with Utility Belt, Dark Red Fire Helmet, Brown Beard
Value $2.30
Growth 53.3%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number cty0716
Police Officer, Black Cap and Legs, Beard
Police Officer
Value $2.73
Growth 46.0%
Annual growth 5.5%
Minifig number cty0715
Police - Jail Prisoner 86753 Prison Stripes, Dark Bluish Gray Beanie
Jail Prisoner
Value $2.56
Growth 2.0%
Annual growth 0.3%
Minifig number cty0668
Baby - White Body with Yellow Hands
Value $4.20
Growth 35.9%
Annual growth 4.7%
Minifig number chef024
Chef - Fishmonger
Value $2.64
Growth 74.8%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number cas550
Dark Wizard
Value $5.73
Growth 79.6%
Annual growth 8.6%
Minifig number cas549
Snow Queen - Non-Disney
Snow Queen
Value $4.12
Growth 32.9%
Annual growth 4.1%
Minifig number cas548
Ninja - Female
Female Ninja
Value $3.53
Growth 89.8%
Annual growth 9.5%
Minifig number cas547
Ninja - Male
Ninja Male
Value $3.22
Growth 42.5%
Annual growth 5.1%
Minifig number cas546
Value $3.08
Growth 13.2%
Annual growth 1.8%
Minifig number cas545
Magic Carpet Rider
Value $4.19
Growth 50.2%
Annual growth 5.9%
Minifig number cas544
Archer Girl
Value $5.02
Growth 94.6%
Annual growth 9.9%
Minifig number cas543
Castle Guard
Value $5.93
Growth 118.0%
Annual growth 5.4%