Minifig number trn254
Train Worker - male with medium blue hat, medium blue shirt with red bandana and medium blue legs
Male Train Worker
Value $3.08
Minifig number trn253
Train Worker - female with black hair, medium blue shirt with red bandana and medium blue legs
Female Train Worker
Value $2.74
Minifig number trn234
Dark Blue Suit with Train Logo, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Red Hat - Steward
Value $3.98
Growth 49.6%
Annual growth 4.2%
Minifig number trn233
Orange Vest with Safety Stripes - Light Bluish Gray Legs, Dark Brown Hair Ponytail Long French Braided
Construction Worker
Value $2.94
Growth 9.7%
Annual growth 3.1%
Minifig number cty0355
Medium Blue Female Shirt with Two Buttons and Shell Pendant, Black Legs, Tan Tousled and Layered Hair
Value $4.77
Growth 183.9%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number cty0354
Female Dark Purple Blouse with Gold Sash and Flowers, White Legs, Black Bob Cut Hair
Value $9.65
Growth 754.0%
Annual growth 15.2%
Minifig number cty0353
Pinstripe Vest, Red Tie and Pocket Watch, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Light Bluish Gray Male Hair
Value $5.92
Growth 7.1%
Annual growth 0.7%
Minifig number cty0352
Green V-Neck Sweater, Dark Brown Legs, Dark Brown Short Tousled Hair, Safety Goggles
Male in V-Neck Sweater
Value $4.02
Growth 100.0%
Annual growth 7.4%