The LEGO Toy Story Toy Story 4 subtheme, introduced in 2019, inlcudes 11 minifigs across 6 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 8.2%.
Most valuable Toy Story Toy Story 4 minifig
Jessie (toy023) $8.85
Highest growth Toy Story 4 minifig
Alien (toy017) +113.79%
Most owned Toy Story Toy Story 4 minifig
Woody (toy016)
Set with the most Toy Story Toy Story 4 minifigs
10770 Buzz & Woody's Carnival Mania! 5 minifigs
The LEGO Toy Story theme, released in 2010 and revived in 2019, features minifigures based on characters from the popular Disney-Pixar "Toy Story" film series. Key minifigures include Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and Bo Peep, along with other beloved characters like Rex, Hamm, and the Alien. Villainous characters such as Lotso and Zurg also make appearances. The sets often recreate iconic scenes and locations from the films, such as Andy's Room, the Pizza Planet, and the Carnival.
Minifig number toy026
Value $5.98
Growth 33.2%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number toy025
Woody with normal legs, minifigure head and smile with teeth and scared
Value $5.94
Growth 106.3%
Annual growth 13.3%
Minifig number toy024
Value $7.56
Growth 57.8%
Annual growth 9.2%
Minifig number toy023
Jessie with normal legs, minifigure head and bow
Value $8.85
Growth 79.1%
Annual growth 9.0%
Minifig number toy022
Value $6.34
Growth 84.8%
Annual growth 10.6%
Minifig number toy021
Value $4.74
Growth 25.1%
Annual growth 4.4%
Minifig number toy020
Value $6.03
Growth 51.1%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number toy019
Value $5.09
Growth 28.5%
Annual growth 5.0%
Minifig number toy018
Buzz Lightyear with minifigure head
Value $6.50
Growth 53.3%
Annual growth 8.6%
Minifig number toy017
Alien with magenta collar
Value $4.96
Growth 113.8%
Annual growth 13.9%
Minifig number toy016
Woody with normal legs, minifigure head and open mouth smile
Value $3.14
Growth 18.9%
Annual growth 0.7%