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10224 Town Hall was a 2,766 piece Advanced Models set with 8 minifigs released in 2012. It was retired in October 2014 with a lifespan of 31 months. The current value for a new and sealed Town Hall is estimated around $970 today with current average yearly gain of about 22% but will level off in the next year closer to a 14% annual growth. On the secondary markets the typical price range for the set MISB/NISB is between $780 and $998. The current used prices for Town Hall can be found in the range of $607 and $800 depending on the set's condition, with an average price of $667 if it is in good overall condition.

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(KR) Creator 10224 Town Hall (New & Sealed) --- Safe Shipping
(US) 10224 Creator Town Hall New Unopened Sealed Retired Brand New In Box
(KR) 10224 Creator Expert City Town Hall Modular New Sealed - Check Photos
(KR) Creator Town Hall 10224 NEW Factory Sealed (2766 pieces & 10224 items)
(US) 10224 Creator Town Hall New Unopened Sealed Retired Brand New In Box
(KR) Creator Town Hall (10224) [Free shipping]
(US) Retired New Lego 10224 Creator Town Hall *Will Ship Boxed Up* US Seller
(HK) 2012 Lego Creator / Modular Building 10224 Town Hall Brand New, Sealed, MISB
(US) New in sealed box. Has been kept bubble wrapped since purchase.
(US) BrickLink store Michaels Bricks
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Build the authentic 3-storey Town Hall! This highly detailed model features large entranceway columns, a coat of arms, a tall bell tower with clock and a large skylight that lets you see inside! On the ground floor, the large hall, tax office and auditorium have everything you need to run the town.

Take the working elevator up to the secretary and mayor's offices on the second floor, realistically furnished with desks, chairs, paintings and even a frog sculpture. Hold a meeting and address the town's citizens at the podium! On the third floor, a spacious meeting room features a large conference table, chairs, globe and plants.

Includes 8 minifigures: mayor, secretary, bride and groom, press woman, janitor and 2 children.

Includes 8 minifigures: mayor, secretary, bride and groom, press woman, janitor and 2 children Accessories include a painting, desks, chairs, sculpture, lamp, conference table, globe, plants and bench Functioning elevator features space for 2...
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