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LEGO 31207 Floral Art is a 2,870 piece LEGO Art set released in 2022. The current retail price is $79.99, however, the average sales listings on the secondary markets is closer to $84. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid 2024. Once retired, the initial annual growth for the first year will be around 12% but will level off closer to 11% after the second year, which will value the set between $110 and $122 shortly after retirement.

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(US) Art Floral Art 31207 Toy Building Kit (2,870 Pieces)
BrickEconomy Choice
(CZ) LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art
(US) NEW LEGO Lego Floral Art 31207
(AU) Art Floral Art 31207 BRAND NEW & SEALED 2870Pcs
(US) Art Floral Art 31207
(NL) 31207 Floral Art New.
(US) Art: Floral Art (31207)
(US) Art: Floral Art (31207)
(US) Art Floral Art 31207 Building Kit (2,870 Pieces)
(US) ART Floral Art 31207, 3in1 Flowers Wall Decoration Set, Arts and Crafts Kit
(GB) 31207 LEGO ART Floral Art Set 1 Picture - 3 Designs 2870 Pieces Age 18 Years+
(HK) Art Floral Art 31207 Building Set (2,870 Pieces)
(US) Art Floral Art 31207 Botanical Building Set; Wall Decor DIY Kit for Adults (2,870 Pie...
(US) Floral Art 31207 (2870 pieces)
(AU) BrickLink store MINT IN SEALED BOX
(US) Art Floral Art 31207 Botanical Building Set; Wall Decor DIY Kit for Adults
(US) 31207 Art Floral Art
(US) Floral Art 31207
(US) BrickLink store Bricksville LLC
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Open botanical creativity awaits in this LEGO® Art Floral Art (31207) wall kit. Bring bold colors and design possibilities into your home as you build. You can also let your imagination bloom with your own motif. Enjoy a zone of joyful zen filled with flowers, peace and stress relief as you click each piece into place.

Share a passion for flowers and crafts
1 picture, 3 choices, many artistic possibilities. Open the box and discover the creative options inside. Choose the flowers and color variants, then design, create and show them off.

What will you create?
Welcome to your zone of creativity. Welcome to LEGO sets for adults. A space to relax and build detailed decor pieces that pay homage to the worlds of art, nature, entertainment, travel, gaming, sports, science, technology, motorsports and history.

Flowers everywhere – Bring nature inside and celebrate all the colors as you build this LEGO® Art Floral Art (31207) set, with 3 floral motifs to choose from and endless...
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