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LEGO 41935 Lots of DOTS is a 1,040 piece Dots set released in 2021. Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 1% after the second year, which will value the set between $21 and $21 shortly after it is retired.

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(US) DOTS: Lots of DOTS (41935) 1,040 Pieces NEW Factory Sealed Create Your Own!
BrickEconomy Choice
(US) Lots of Dots 1040 pieces NEW 41935
(US) DOTS: Lots of DOTS (41935)
(US) Offical set 41935 Lots of DOTS at
(US) USPS shipping rates; no other fees besides taxes.
(US) DOTS: Lots of DOTS (41935) Brand New
(US) NEW LEGO Lots of Dots 41935 Building Arts & Craft Decoration Kit 1,040 Pieces
(US) Lots of Dots 41935 1040 Pieces
(US) 41935 DOTS Lots of DOTS 1040 Piece Building Set Arts Crafts
(US) Lots of Dots 41935 1040 Pieces
(US) Lots of Dots 41935 1,040 Pieces
(US) DOTS Lots of DOTS 1040 Piece Building Set (41935)
(US) 41935
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Sets in Dots / Miscellaneous

Theme / Subtheme Dots / Miscellaneous
Year 2021
Pieces 779
Availability Retail
41938 LEGO Dots Creative Designer Box
Retail $39.99
Available at retail
Theme / Subtheme Dots / Miscellaneous
Year 2022
5007220 LEGO Dots Craft Tape
Unleash imagination and creativity with a cool box of DOTS!
Fulfil a child’s passion for arts and crafts with this 1,000+ piece LEGO® DOTS Lots of DOTS (41935) kit. It’s full of exciting colours and shapes, including ¼, ½ and full circles, plus square tiles in rainbow colours, to kick-start creativity. With a wide selection of DOTS, kids are free to create endlessly!

Boundless self-expression in a box
This massive kit gives kids the opportunity to make whatever designs they wish, with loads of tiles and suggestions to customize their LEGO DOTS accessories and room décor items, or other LEGO sets (sold separately). In the box kids will find lots of creative pattern inspiration, while expanding their confidence and imagination.
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