Set Value (New/Sealed)

This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set LEGO Strata Blue since May 2018. Medium accuracy
4679 LEGO Strata Blue was a 1,500 piece Make and Create set released in 2005. This set was available for sale in Toys R Us stores. The current value for a new and sealed LEGO Strata Blue is estimated at $147 with an average yearly gain of about 8% which is higher than other Make and Create sets.
It's been a few months since we have seen 4679 LEGO Strata Blue for sale in primary or secondary markets. The current value of this set might be slightly higher then what we have estimated. The last new LEGO Strata Blue seen was sold on

Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 4679 LEGO Strata Blue.

Sets in Make and Create

Year 2005
Pieces 1,200
Availability Retired
3600-2 LEGO Make and Create Build Your Own House
Retail $29.99
Value $37.76
Growth 25.9%
Annual growth 1.4%
Year 2005
Pieces 700
Availability Retired
5370 LEGO Make and Create Bucket
Retail $19.99
Value $131.52
Growth 557.9%
Annual growth 11.7%
Year 2005
Pieces 500
Availability Retired
4105-2 LEGO Make and Create 50th Anniversary Bucket
Retail $9.99
Value $79.99
Growth 700.7%
Annual growth 5.8%
Year 2005
Pieces / Minifigs 200 / 1
Availability Retired
4103-2 LEGO Make and Create Fun with Bricks
Retail $4.99
Value $26.87
Growth 438.5%
Annual growth 5.7%