Set Value (New/Sealed)

This represents the current new/sealed value of the set Large House Set since January 1971. Medium accuracy
LEGO 5-4 Large House Set was a 307 piece Minitalia set released in 1971. It was only available in Italy.
Large House Set is an extremely old and very rare LEGO set. We have not seen set 5-4 currently for sale online or in the hundreds of retail stores in good/new condition in over 2,357 days. Because of the rarity of this hard to find set the current estimated value of $1,269.11 might actually be much lower than the true value assuming this set can be found for sale.Because Large House Set is a very old set from 1971, finding it in a sealed and good condition might be difficult thus making the true value even that much higher.

Sets in Minitalia

Theme Minitalia
Year 1971
Pieces 88
Availability Retired
24 LEGO Minitalia Train
Retail $1.95
Value $229.43
Growth 11665.6%
Annual growth 9.8%
Theme Minitalia
Year 1971
Pieces 64
Availability Retired
23 LEGO Minitalia Delivery Truck
Retail $5.25
Value $1,855.94
Growth 35251.2%
Annual growth 12.2%
Theme Minitalia
Year 1971
Pieces 47
Availability Retired
22 LEGO Minitalia Car
Retail $1.25
Value $213.88
Growth 17010.4%
Annual growth 10.6%
Theme Minitalia
Year 1971
Pieces 33
Availability Retired
21-2 LEGO Minitalia Truck
Retail $0.95
Value $81.55
Growth 8484.2%
Annual growth 9.0%