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LEGO 76213 King Namor's Throne Room is a 355 piece Marvel Super Heroes set with 3 minifigs released in 2022. Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 7% after the second year, which will value the set between $43 and $46 shortly after it is retired.

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Underwater adventures aboard the Skirmisher submarine
Imaginative underwater action awaits young Super Heroes aged 7 and up in the LEGO Marvel King Namor’s Throne Room (76213) set.
Submarine adventures for Black Panther fansThe sleek and stylish recreation of the Skirmisher submarine from Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever features stud shooters that kids can fire as they battle the villain Attuma. At the end of the sub’s journey, they’ll discover the Temple of King Namor and the King’s seaweed-decorated throne room. When this mission is over, kids return to the submarine and set off on the next of many more underwater adventures. The set includes 3 minifigures – Shuri, Attuma and King Namor – along with their cool weapons and accessories.

Black Panther submarine – LEGO Marvel King Namor’s Throne Room (76213) takes Black Panther fans’ imaginations on an underwater adventure

Marvel characters – Includes Shuri, Attuma and King Namor minifigures. The buildable...
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