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LEGO 76215 Black Panther is a 2,961 piece Marvel Super Heroes set pending release in 2022. It features a life-sized bust of Black Panther and you can have displayed without the hands or with the iconic Wakanda Forever crossed arm pose.

Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 7% after the second year, which will value the set between $431 and $460 shortly after it is retired.

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Sets in Marvel Super Heroes / Black Panther

Year 2018
Pieces / Minifigs 358 / 4
Availability Retired
76100 LEGO Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter Attack
Retail $29.99
Value $59.97
Growth 100.0%
Annual growth 15.7%
Year 2022
Pieces / Minifigs 355 / 4
Availability Retail
76211 LEGO Black Panther Shuri's Sunbird
Retail $49.99
Not yet released
Available October 1, 2022
Year 2022
Pieces / Minifigs 355 / 3
Availability Retail
76213 LEGO Black Panther King Namor's Throne Room
Retail $34.99
Not yet released
Available October 1, 2022
Year 2018
Pieces / Minifigs 229 / 3
Availability Retired
76099 LEGO Black Panther Rhino Face-Off by the Mine
Retail $19.99
Value $36.00
Growth 80.1%
Annual growth 9.7%
Year 2018
Pieces 59
Availability Retired
30450 LEGO Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter
Value $4.00
Annual growth 16.6%
Year 2022
Pieces / Minifigs 58 / 2
Availability Retail
76212 LEGO Black Panther Shuri's Lab
Retail $9.99
Not yet released
Available October 1, 2022
Adult fans of the Marvel Avengers can immerse themselves in a creative model-making project with LEGO® Marvel Black Panther (76215). This collectible celebration of Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga will be a guaranteed conversation starter, wherever it is placed.

Advanced, buildable model of King T’Challa
This detailed recreation features the almost life-size head, chest and hands of Black Panther, posed in the iconic Wakanda Forever salute. Both hands feature articulated fingers and detach from the main model to increase display possibilities. A sturdy display base with an attached logo plate completes this lasting reminder of an epic legend. With 2,961 pieces, this challenging and rewarding model is sure to provide great pleasure and satisfaction long after the construction has been completed.

Black Panther display piece – Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with this almost life-size LEGO® Marvel Black Panther (76215) build-and-display model for adults

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