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This represents the expected annual growth (CAGR) based on a forecast model only.
LEGO 854065 Water Tape is a 23 piece Xtra set released in 2020. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid 2023. Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 8% after the second year, which will value the set between $11 and $11 shortly after it is retired.
Retirement risk Retirement risk. Water Tape has a current lifespan of 30 months, based on the average lifespan of other sets in this theme, which is 21 months, this set is at risk for retiring in the coming months.

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BrickEconomy Choice
(US) Lowest price oN BL.
(US) BrickLink store Plenty of Bricks
(US) BrickLink store Michaels Bricks
(US) BrickLink store Michaels Bricks
(AU) Water Tape 854065 - LEGO Xtra - Brand New
(US) BrickLink store ThePlatinumBrick
(AU) Creator xtra - Water Tape - 854065 - New Sealed - AU
(US) City Bundle Water Tape 854065 Road Lights 40311 Botanicals 40376

Sets in Xtra

Theme Xtra
Year 2020
Pieces 36
Availability Retail (Retiring soon)
40375 LEGO Xtra Sports Accessories
Retail $3.99
Available at retail
Retiring soon
Theme Xtra
Year 2020
Pieces 35
Availability Retired
854048 LEGO Xtra Road Tape
Retail $8.99
Value $17.63
Growth 96.1%
Annual growth 19.4%
Theme Xtra
Year 2020
Pieces 32
Availability Retired
40376 LEGO Xtra Botanical Accessories
Retail $3.99
Value $5.13
Growth 28.6%
Annual growth 12.5%
LEGO® fans will love bringing the sea to life with this awesome Water Tape accessory set (854065). Roll out the blue tape, featuring ripple and wave effects, and kids can immediately create fun stories from the sea with it and 10 elements, which include a frog, fish, crab, seaweed and raft. Imaginative youngsters will be captivated for hours.
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