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This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Introducing Air Power since June 1997. Medium accuracy
LEGO 9617 Introducing Air Power was a 89 piece Dacta set released in 1997. The current value for a new and sealed Introducing Air Power is estimated at $144 with an average yearly gain of about 6%. On the open market, a used set will fetch in the range of between $98 and $120 depending on the condition.

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(US) Educational & Dacta - Technic - Rare - 9617 Introducing Air Power - New
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Year 1997
Pieces 463
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Annual growth 1.6%
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Growth 39.6%
Annual growth 1.3%
Introduction to Air Power Set is designed for learning introductory pneumatics. Students explore the functions of each compressed-air element as they build and operate simple models. The models include a simple pneumatic circuit, a vertical press, and a scissors lift. Besides discovering the operation of pneumatic systems, students also work with first-, second-, and third-class levers. The set is designed to be used with students working in pairs.
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