Minifig number dis080
Donald Duck - Jester
Donald Duck
Value $10.65
Growth 31.8%
Minifig number dis079
Daisy Duck - Lavender Dress, Gold Crown
Daisy Duck
Value $9.13
Growth 39.2%
Minifig number dis078
Mickey Mouse - Knight
Mickey Mouse
Value $9.99
Growth 49.1%
Minifig number dis077
Minnie Mouse - Knight, Dark Pink Top and Skirt
Minnie Mouse
Value $9.20
Growth 41.8%
Minifig number dis076
Goofy - Orange Shirt, Lime Vest, Tie with Blue Polka Dots
Value $9.17
Growth 49.3%
Minifig number dis075
Mickey Mouse - Red Jacket with White Letter M
Mickey Mouse
Value $7.36
Growth 50.5%
Minifig number dis074
Minnie Mouse - Bright Pink Jacket, Red Polka Dot Dress
Minnie Mouse
Value $7.43
Growth 55.8%
Minifig number dis073
Minnie Mouse - Red Open Shirt
Minnie Mouse
Value $6.04
Growth 39.8%
Minifig number dis072
Mickey Mouse - Tan Safari Vest, Medium Blue Shirt
Mickey Mouse
Value $5.85
Growth 61.2%
Minifig number dis056
Minnie Mouse - Yellow Polka Dot Dress
Minnie Mouse
Value $6.81
Growth 32.5%
Annual growth 18.2%
Minifig number dis055
Daisy Duck - Medium Lavender Top and Skirt
Daisy Duck
Value $6.65
Growth 21.8%
Annual growth 12.4%
Minifig number dis054
Mickey Mouse - Blue Overalls and Red Top
Mickey Mouse
Value $6.71
Growth 15.9%
Minifig number dis053
Donald Duck - Plaid Shirt with Yellow Buttons
Donald Duck
Value $6.75
Growth 13.4%
Minifig number dis052
Goofy - Bandana and White Apron
Value $10.19
Growth 38.5%
Minifig number dis051
Minnie Mouse - Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter Minnie Mouse
Value $7.50
Growth 4.5%
Minifig number dis050
Mickey Mouse - Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter Mickey Mouse
Value $7.34
Growth 8.9%
Minifig number dis049
Mickey Mouse - Pilot
Mickey Mouse
Value $5.62
Growth 15.4%
Annual growth 8.9%
Minifig number dis048
Minnie Mouse - Spacesuit
Minnie Mouse
Value $6.87
Growth 17.0%
Annual growth 9.8%
Minifig number dis047
Mickey Mouse - Spacesuit
Mickey Mouse
Value $6.74
Growth 17.0%
Annual growth 9.8%