The LEGO Disney theme, introduced in 2016, includes 282 minifigs from 162 sets. These minifigs have an average annual growth rate of 6.6%.
Most valuable Disney minifig
Goofy (dis044) $73.38
Most owned Disney minifig
Donald Duck (dis010)
Set with the most Disney minifigs
43215 Magical Treehouse 13 minifigs
The LEGO Disney theme, launched in 2016 and continuing to the present, features a wide range of minifigures based on beloved Disney characters from various movies and franchises. Key minifigures include classic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, as well as characters from popular Disney films like Elsa and Anna from "Frozen," Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," and Aladdin. The theme also includes Pixar characters like Buzz Lightyear and Woody from "Toy Story." These minifigures are highly detailed, often with unique molds and accessories that capture the distinct features and personalities of the Disney characters they represent
Minifig number toy016
Woody with normal legs, minifigure head and open mouth smile
Value $3.14
Growth  +18.9%
Annual growth 0.5%
Minifig number moa004
Moana wearing a tan skirt
Value $4.03
Growth  +61.2%
Annual growth 7.4%
Big Figure number moa003
Big LEGO figure Maui
Value $27.01
Growth  +251.2%
Annual growth 14.3%
Minifig number moa002
Moana - tan skirt, bright pink flower
Value $6.56
Growth  +54.7%
Annual growth 5.9%
Minifig number moa001
Moana wearing a red skirt and white flower
Value $9.02
Growth  +81.1%
Annual growth 8.1%
Mini-doll figure number dp194
Aurora with dark pink top, metallic pink sleeves, gold necklace, dark pink cropped trousers, reddish brown boots, yellow hair, and crown tiara
Value $7.04
Growth  +127.8%
Mini-doll figure number dp193
Ariel, Mermaid wearing a magenta top and a medium azure tail
Value $8.57
Growth  +178.2%
Mini-doll figure number dp192
Anna wearing a black dress with a narrow smile
Value $6.14
Growth  +22.8%
Mini-doll figure number dp191
Elsa is wearing a medium blue skirt and white shoes, with a small open mouth smile
Value $7.00
Growth  +40.0%
Mini-doll figure number dp190
Minifigure wearing dark turquoise dress with a dark green halter top
Value $8.02
Growth  +44.2%
Mini-doll figure number dp189
Mermaid Ariel with medium lavender shell bra top, dark turquoise tail, and medium blue eyes
Value $17.51
Growth  +253.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp188
Value $9.20
Growth  +81.5%
Mini-doll figure number dp187
Mini doll Flynn Rider wearing a dark turquoise vest with a thin hinge
Value $5.11
Growth  +37.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp186
Mini Doll Rapunzel with a bright pink flower
Value $6.26
Growth  +40.7%
Micro-doll number dp185
Micro doll Olaf with a medium blue mouth
Value $1.92
Micro-doll number dp184
Micro doll Kristoff wearing a reddish brown shirt and dark blue pants
Value $1.93
Growth  +17.7%
Micro-doll number dp183
Micro doll Elsa wearing a medium azure dress
Value $2.01
Growth  +17.5%
Micro-doll number dp182
Micro doll Anna wearing a magenta dress
Value $2.18
Growth  +7.4%
Mini-doll figure number dp181
Mini doll Ariel, a medium nougat mermaid, with a bright pink flower accessory
Value $11.90
Growth  +26.1%
Micro-doll number dp180
Ursula - Micro Doll
Value $3.05
Growth  +8.2%
Micro-doll number dp179
Micro Doll Prince Eric wearing a dark blue suit jacket
Value $3.47
Growth  +2.4%
Micro-doll number dp178
Ariel, with medium nougat tail, with a bright light orange flower
Value $3.61
Growth  +10.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp177
Male Maleficent in a black over magenta dress with metallic pink collar and stripes
Value $8.07
Growth  +201.1%
Mini-doll figure number dp176
Aurora in a dark pink dress with a magenta vest, wearing a gold necklace and crown tiara
Value $8.08
Growth  +22.8%
Mini-doll figure number dp175
Value $8.43
Growth  +10.2%
Mini-doll figure number dp174
Belle with dress featuring red roses, no sleeves, dark pink lips, open mouth, and long eyelashes
Value $8.57
Growth  +23.8%
Annual growth 7.8%
Mini-doll figure number dp173
Cinderella with a sparkly bow dress, light blue top, coral lips, and thin hinge
Value $8.25
Growth  +57.1%
Mini-doll figure number dp172
Sina wears a red and tan top along with a tan and coral long skirt
Value $6.65
Growth  +120.2%
Mini-doll figure number dp171
Minifigure wearing a red and tan top, long skirt adorned with feathers, inspired by Moana
Value $9.61
Growth  +789.8%
Mini-doll figure number dp170
Jasmine with pearl gold shoes, sparkles on top, and a visible belly button
Value $3.95
Growth  +36.2%
Mini-doll figure number dp169
Rapunzel wearing a dark purple vested dress with two bright pink flowers in hair
Value $6.14
Growth  +111.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp168
Cinderella in a bright light blue and metallic light blue dress with a medium blue top, and pearl gold crown tiara
Value $8.15
Growth  +117.9%
Mini-doll figure number dp167
Rapunzel with a diamond dress and container bottom
Value $3.00
Growth  +19.5%
Mini-doll figure number dp166
Snow White wearing a bodice with seam and a skirt adorned with bright light orange vine and leaves
Value $9.89
Growth  +40.9%
Mini-doll figure number dp165
Tiana wearing a metallic pointed necklace and a thin hinge skirt
Value $7.58
Growth  +74.3%
Mini-doll figure number dp164
Human Ariel in a light aqua dress with stars, a medium lavender shell, and dark purple trim
Value $6.93
Growth  +48.1%
Mini-doll figure number dp163
Moana - printed skirt, dark brown hair
Value $6.02
Growth  +8.5%
Mini-doll figure number dp162
Cinderella with a dress adorned with stars and a bow, paired with a medium blue top
Value $3.54
Growth  +12.4%
Mini-doll figure number dp161
Prince Charming with bushy bangs wearing a tan top
Value $5.59
Growth  +13.2%
Mini-doll figure number dp160
Anna with a dark green skirt with flowers, a sand green vest, and light aqua sleeves
Value $4.84
Growth  +10.0%
Annual growth 4.5%
Mini-doll figure number dp159
Value $4.99
Growth  +31.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp158
Elsa wearing a white and lavender dress
Value $5.55
Growth  +13.7%
Annual growth 5.9%
Mini-doll figure number dp157
Lumiere with 2 candle flames from Beauty and the Beast
Value $2.77
Growth  +2.6%
Annual growth 0.7%
Minifig number dp156
Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast
Value $2.08
Growth  +2.5%
Annual growth 0.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp155
Belle with a dress featuring red roses, sleeveless, and a closed mouth smile
Value $4.32
Growth  +22.0%
Annual growth 5.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp154
Ariel human wearing a white dress
Value $6.64
Growth  +11.4%
Annual growth 3.1%
Mini-doll figure number dp153
Elsa wearing a medium blue skirt and white shoes
Value $1.46
Growth  +17.7%
Annual growth 6.6%
Mini-doll figure number dp152
Value $8.31
Growth  +79.1%
Annual growth 11.7%
Mini-doll figure number dp151
Mermaid Ariel with medium lavender shell bra top, dark turquoise tail, medium blue eyes, and a bright pink flower
Value $6.73
Growth  +116.4%
Annual growth 32.4%
Mini-doll figure number dp150
Value $8.91
Growth  +19.9%
Annual growth 7.9%