Minifig number hs068
Scott Francis Possessed
Value $3.37
Minifig number hs067
Jack Davids with red Jacket with backwards cap
Jack Davids
Value $1.83
Minifig number hs064
Pete Peterson Possessed
Value $2.69
Minifig number hs056
Joey Possessed
Value $3.23
Minifig number hs041
Douglas Elton / El Fuego with coveralls with helmet
Douglas Elton / El Fuego
Value $2.36
Minifig number hs030
Possessed Pizza Delivery Man
Value $4.82
Growth 60.7%
Minifig number hs019
Parker L. Jackson with black top with beanie
Parker L. Jackson
Value $4.29
Growth 19.5%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number hs002
J.B. Watt
Value $1.19
Growth 5.3%
Annual growth 1.6%
Minifig number hs001
Jack Davids with red Jacket with cap and hood
Jack Davids
Value $1.29
Growth 8.4%
Annual growth 2.6%