Minifig number nex075
King's Guard with Dark Azure Breastplate
King's Guard
Value $3.33
Growth 92.5%
Annual growth 11.0%
Minifig number nex072
Value $2.78
Growth 46.3%
Annual growth 6.8%
Minifig number nex039b
Nexo Knight Soldier with dark azure armor, blue helmet with eye slit and dark azure hands
Nexo Knight Soldier
Value $2.98
Growth 51.3%
Annual growth 7.5%
Minifig number nex036
Robin Underwood with blue legs
Robin Underwood
Value $1.97
Growth 74.3%
Annual growth 8.8%
Minifig number nex027
Monster with red and black
Value $3.83
Growth 206.4%
Annual growth 9.6%
Minifig number nex026
Crust Smasher
Value $2.55
Growth 73.5%
Annual growth 8.5%
Minifig number nex024
Royal Soldier / Guard without armor
Royal Soldier
Value $1.95
Growth 62.5%
Annual growth 8.1%