The LEGO Nexo Knights Ultimate subtheme, introduced in 2016, inlcudes 8 minifigs across 10 sets. On average, these minifigs have an annual growth rate of 8.0%.
Most valuable Nexo Knights Ultimate minifig
Ultimate Flama (nex054) $15.02
Highest growth Ultimate minifig
Lavaria (nex030) +268.62%
Most owned Nexo Knights Ultimate minifig
Ultimate Aaron (nex021)
Set with the most Nexo Knights Ultimate minifigs
70330 Ultimate Clay 1 minifig
The LEGO Nexo Knights theme, active from 2016 to 2018, features a futuristic blend of medieval knights and advanced technology. Key minifigures include the heroic Nexo Knights such as Clay Moorington, Aaron Fox, Macy Halbert, Lance Richmond, and Axl. These knights are equipped with high-tech armor and weapons, reflecting their unique powers and personalities. Villainous characters include Jestro, the Book of Monsters, and the Lava Monsters led by General Magmar. The minifigures are characterized by their detailed designs, vibrant colors, and specialized accessories. The theme's sets often depict high-tech castles, vehicles, and battle scenes, combining elements of fantasy and sci-fi.
Minifig number nex056
Value $13.97
Growth 219.7%
Annual growth 12.8%
Minifig number nex054
Value $15.02
Growth 235.3%
Annual growth 16.8%
Minifig number nex032
Value $3.05
Growth 4.1%
Annual growth 3.3%
Minifig number nex031
Value $5.33
Growth 167.8%
Annual growth 13.6%
Minifig number nex030
Lavaria with wings
Value $8.81
Growth 268.6%
Annual growth 13.8%
Minifig number nex023
Value $5.37
Growth 137.6%
Annual growth 7.3%
Minifig number nex022
Value $4.67
Growth 7.4%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number nex021
Value $5.68
Growth 151.3%
Annual growth 10.1%