Minifig number pi114
Imperial Soldier II with Shako Hat Plain
Imperial Soldier II
Value $10.68
Growth 124.4%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number pi113
Value $6.18
Growth 120.7%
Annual growth 6.1%
Minifig number pi112
Pirate with Vest and Anchor Tattoo, Gray Beard, Gray Hair (Castaway)
Value $5.23
Growth 49.9%
Annual growth 3.1%
Minifig number pi109
Imperial Soldier II Officer without Plume
Imperial Soldier II Officer
Value $8.50
Growth 220.8%
Annual growth 9.1%
Minifig number pi108
Pirate with Blue Vest, Green Legs, Dark Green Bandana, Smirk and Stubble Beard
Value $3.80
Growth 53.2%
Annual growth 3.2%
Minifig number pi101
Pirate Female with Blue Legs
Pirate Female
Value $3.98
Growth 165.3%
Annual growth 7.2%
Minifig number pi081
Captain Brickbeard
Value $7.95
Growth 99.2%
Annual growth 5.0%
Minifig number gen018
Skeleton, Fantasy Era Torso with Evil Skull
Value $3.67
Growth 126.5%
Annual growth 5.6%