The LEGO Pirates theme, released between 1989 and 2015, includes 155 minifigs from 85 sets. These minifigs have an average annual growth rate of 3.6%.
Most valuable Pirates minifig
Imperial Soldier Governor (pi004) $83.00
Most owned Pirates minifig
Skeleton (gen001)
Set with the most Pirates minifigs
40158 Pirates Chess Set 20 minifigs
The LEGO Pirates theme, first introduced in 1989 and revived several times over the years, features a wide range of minifigures depicting the adventurous life of pirates and their adversaries. Key minifigures include Captain Redbeard, the iconic pirate leader, his crew members like First Mate Rummy and Bo'Sun Will, and their rivals, the Imperial Soldiers led by Governor Broadside and Admiral Woodhouse. These minifigures are detailed with pirate attire, weapons such as swords and muskets, and accessories like treasure maps and parrots. The sets in this theme recreate classic pirate scenarios including ships, forts, and treasure islands.
Minifig number pi178
Pirate with medium blue and white striped outfit and black legs
Value $20.00
Growth  +300.8%
Annual growth 11.1%
Minifig number pi177
Value $5.20
Growth  +6.3%
Annual growth 6.2%
Minifig number pi176
Value $9.61
Growth  +375.7%
Annual growth 11.8%
Minifig number pi175
Bluecoat Soldier 7 with tousled hair
Value $9.55
Growth  +81.9%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number pi174
Bluecoat Soldier 6 with cheek lines and black hair
Value $7.36
Growth  +81.7%
Annual growth 6.6%
Minifig number pi173
Bluecoat soldier 5 with sweat drops and reddish brown hair
Value $7.80
Growth  +68.5%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number pi172
Value $6.90
Growth  +212.2%
Annual growth 11.5%
Minifig number pi171
Value $6.37
Growth  +231.8%
Annual growth 12.7%
Minifig number pi170
Pirate 9 with red and white striped shirt, blue legs, and a scowl
Value $2.99
Growth  +2.0%
Annual growth 5.5%
Minifig number pi169
Pirate 8 with red and white stripes, black legs, and a scowl
Value $2.89
Growth  +8.6%
Annual growth 6.0%
Minifig number pi168
Pirate 7 with black and red striped shirt, red legs, scared expression, and black crow's feet
Value $3.08
Growth  +9.2%
Annual growth 5.4%
Minifig number pi167
Pirate 6 with black and red striped outfit, black legs, and a scar
Value $3.24
Growth  +8.4%
Annual growth 5.9%
Minifig number pi166
Minifigure 5 is a pirate with black and red stripes, red legs, and a scar
Value $2.89
Growth  +8.6%
Annual growth 6.4%
Minifig number pi165
Value $7.67
Growth  +131.0%
Annual growth 9.4%
Minifig number pi164
Value $17.33
Growth  +110.8%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number pi163
Value $4.53
Minifig number pi162
Pirate 4 wearing a vest with an anchor design and an eyepatch
Value $10.79
Growth  +267.0%
Annual growth 11.9%
Minifig number pi161
Pirate 3 with black and red striped torso, blue legs, and a scar
Value $2.73
Growth  +2.6%
Annual growth 5.0%
Minifig number pi160
Pirate 2 with red and white striped clothing, light bluish gray legs, and a beard
Value $4.90
Growth  +14.8%
Annual growth 1.5%
Minifig number pi159
Pirate 1 with black and red stripes, black legs, and wearing an eyepatch
Value $5.66
Growth  +8.0%
Annual growth 4.9%
Minifig number pi158
Old pirate with a crooked smile and scar wearing a vest with an anchor design
Value $6.57
Growth  +109.9%
Annual growth 8.2%
Minifig number pi157
Value $9.48
Growth  +93.1%
Annual growth 7.3%
Minifig number pi156
Value $22.91
Growth  +342.3%
Annual growth 16.7%
Minifig number pi155
Bluecoat Soldier 4 with sweat drops
Value $14.00
Growth  +250.9%
Annual growth 7.9%
Minifig number pi154
Bluecoat Soldier 3 with a lopsided grin
Value $11.00
Growth  +130.6%
Annual growth 9.3%
Minifig number pi153
Bluecoat soldier 2 with a lopsided smile
Value $11.89
Growth  +240.7%
Annual growth 11.1%
Minifig number pi152
Bluecoat soldier 1 with smile
Value $11.64
Growth  +191.7%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number pi151
Sergeant 2 with bluecoat attire and stubble
Value $7.48
Growth  +145.2%
Annual growth 9.5%
Minifig number pi150
Bluecoat Sergeant 1 with brown moustache and goatee
Value $10.55
Growth  +266.3%
Annual growth 10.9%
Minifig number pi149a
Value $30.41
Growth  +241.7%
Annual growth 9.4%
Minifig number pi149
Value $23.21
Growth  +99.4%
Annual growth 7.7%
Minifig number pi148
Value $11.05
Growth  +111.7%
Annual growth 8.3%
Minifig number pi147
Value $14.24
Growth  +571.7%
Annual growth 16.5%
Minifig number pi145
Pirate with blue vest, red legs, dark red bandana, and bushy eyebrows
Value $3.26
Growth  +8.3%
Annual growth 3.9%
Minifig number pi144
Pirate with a scowl, wearing a blue vest, dark red bandana, and red legs
Value $8.63
Growth  +209.3%
Annual growth 6.9%
Minifig number pi143
Female pirate with dark green legs and a scar over the left eye
Value $9.75
Growth  +93.1%
Annual growth 6.3%
Minifig number pi142
Captain Brickbeard without eyepatch
Value $4.60
Growth  +2.2%
Annual growth 4.5%
Minifig number pi121
Female minifigure in a dress
Value $21.99
Growth  +209.7%
Annual growth 8.1%
Minifig number pi120
Pirate with Blue Vest, Tan Short Legs, Red Bandana, Black Beard
Value $21.34
Growth  +124.6%
Annual growth 5.7%
Minifig number pi119
Imperial Soldier II Officer with Red Plume and Long Moustache
Value $21.00
Growth  +230.7%
Annual growth 8.6%
Minifig number pi118
Imperial Soldier II with shako hat printed, gray beard
Value $11.83
Growth  +82.0%
Annual growth 4.2%
Minifig number pi117
Governor imperial soldier II with dark blue plume
Value $19.16
Growth  +66.6%
Annual growth 3.6%
Minifig number pi116
Captain Brickbeard with plain bicorne hat
Value $12.37
Growth  +248.5%
Annual growth 9.0%
Minifig number pi114
Imperial Soldier II wearing a plain shako hat
Value $12.00
Growth  +152.1%
Annual growth 6.4%
Minifig number pi113
Value $6.49
Growth  +131.8%
Annual growth 5.8%
Minifig number pi112
A pirate with gray hair and beard, wearing a vest with an anchor tattoo (Castaway minifigure)
Value $7.47
Growth  +114.0%
Annual growth 5.3%
Minifig number pi111
Imperial Soldier II Governor with Red Plume and Red Epaulettes
Value $10.03
Growth  +43.1%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number pi109
Imperial Soldier II officer without a plume
Value $9.39
Growth  +254.3%
Annual growth 8.9%
Minifig number pi108
Pirate with green legs, wearing a blue vest, a dark green bandana, and sporting a smirk with stubble beard
Value $3.77
Growth  +52.0%
Annual growth 2.9%
Minifig number pi107
Pirate with a vest and anchor tattoo wearing green legs, a blue bandana, and having a gold tooth
Value $4.94
Growth  +7.2%
Annual growth 4.1%