Minifig number hol101
Sweater Cropped with Bow, Heart Necklace, Dark Red Short Legs, Dark Orange Ponytail Long with Side Bangs
Female with Cropped Sweater
Value $1.61
Growth 46.4%
Annual growth 7.9%
Minifig number hol100
Overalls Farmer Green, Tan Fedora, Moustache
Farmer in Overalls
Value $2.03
Growth 79.6%
Annual growth 13.0%
Minifig number hol072
Female Corset with Gold Panel Front and Lace Up Back Pattern, Red Legs, Dark Bluish Gray Hair with Top Knot Bun
Value $4.15
Growth 44.6%
Annual growth 5.4%
Minifig number hol071
Green V-Neck Sweater, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Light Bluish Gray Short Tousled Hair, Beard
Value $3.48
Growth 72.3%
Annual growth 8.1%
Minifig number hol023
Green V-Neck Sweater, Red Legs, Black Short Tousled Hair, Smirk and Stubble Beard
Value $3.25
Growth 160.0%
Annual growth 9.1%
Minifig number hol022
White Lace Blouse with Red Side Panels and Ruby Necklace, Red Legs, Reddish Brown Female Hair over Shoulder, Black Eyebrows
Female in White Lace Blouse
Value $3.43
Growth 75.9%
Annual growth 6.5%