Minifig number hol084
Boy, Bright Light Blue Hoodie with White Star, Dark Blue Legs, Medium Nougat Hair Short Tousled with Side Part
Value $1.99
Growth 77.7%
Annual growth 9.9%
Minifig number hol083
Girl, Bright Pink Top with Butterflies and Flowers, Dark Purple Legs, Dark Brown Ponytail and Swept Sideways Fringe
Value $1.89
Growth 85.3%
Annual growth 7.8%
Minifig number hol054
Businessman Pinstripe Jacket and Gold Tie, Dark Blue Legs, Black Short Tousled Hair, Lopsided Smile, Stubble Beard
Value $3.44
Growth 72.9%
Annual growth 7.0%
Minifig number hol053
Female Dark Purple Blouse with Gold Sash and Flowers, Dark Purple Legs, Dark Brown Bob Cut Hair
Value $3.49
Growth 118.1%
Annual growth 10.2%