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This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Death Star since December 2015. Very high accuracy
LEGO 10188 Death Star was a 3,803 piece Star Wars set with 27 minifigs released in 2008. It consists of a detailed Death Star model from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope with multiple decks, scenes, and moving parts from Star Wars Episodes IV and VI, including 24 minifigures and droids, some of which are exclusive to this set, and various movie-authentic environments like the Superlaser control room, Emperor's throne room, and detention block.

It was retired in December 2015 with a lifespan of 90 months. The current value for a new and sealed Death Star is estimated at $774 with an average yearly gain of about 5%. On the secondary markets, the typical price range for the set MISB/NISB is between $725 and $837. The current used prices for Death Star can be found in the range of $515 and $705 depending on the set's condition, with an average price of $587 if it is in good overall condition.

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(US) *** Best US listing for Death Star *** - 100% Verified Authentic and New
BrickEconomy Choice
(US) Star Wars Death Star Set 10188 - 100% Verified Authentic and New
(US) BrickLink store Better Dylan Store
(US) NMISB - Near-mint condition In opened original LEGO brown shipping box. Dec-2023
(US) Amazon listing for Death Star
(US) excellent condition box, please see store terms prior to ordering.
(US) MISB - Mint Condition In sealed original LEGO brown shipping box. Dec-2023
(US) Star Wars Death Star (10188) Never Built
(US) NEW Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 Sealed RETIRED Set -Minor Box Wear And Tear
(AU) *NEW* Lego 10188 Star Wars Death Star MISB Set Retired Rare Set x 1
(JP) Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Death Star 10188 In 2008 New Retired P2
(US) Star Wars 10188 Death Star AUTHENTIC NEW SEALED Outer Box Retired In 2015
(US) Star Wars Death Star 10188
(MY) New Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 Factory Sealed -Express
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Sales Distribution (Last 90 Days)

This chart shows the distribution of sales for the last 3 months of new/sealed 10188 Death Star.

Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 10188 Death Star.

Death Star Sets

Year 2016
Pieces / Minifigs 4,016 / 27
Availability Retired
75159 LEGO Star Wars The Death Star
Retail $499.99
Value $1,109.68
Growth  121.9%
Annual growth 15.3%
Year 2005
Pieces 3,441
Availability Retired
10143 LEGO Star Wars Death Star II
Retail $269.99
Value $3,071.66
Growth  1037.7%
Annual growth 9.9%

Sets in Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series

Year 2007
Pieces / Minifigs 5,197 / 5
Availability Retired
10179 LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon
Retail $499.99
Value $2,182.37
Growth  336.5%
Annual growth 6.9%
Year 2010
Pieces / Minifigs 2,503 / 5
Availability Retired
10212 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle
Retail $259.99
Value $1,296.39
Growth  398.6%
Annual growth 8.1%
Year 2006
Pieces 1,212
Availability Retired
10175 LEGO Star Wars Vader's TIE Advanced
Retail $99.99
Value $1,096.66
Growth  996.8%
Annual growth 11.0%
Year 2008
Pieces 1,085
Availability Retired
10186 LEGO Star Wars General Grievous
Retail $89.99
Value $415.51
Growth  361.7%
Annual growth 8.3%
Year 2006
Pieces 1,068
Availability Retired
10174 LEGO Star Wars Imperial AT-ST
Retail $79.99
Value $600.00
Growth  650.1%
Annual growth 10.4%
Year 2010
Pieces 676
Availability Retired
10215 LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
Retail $99.99
Value $346.41
Growth  246.4%
Annual growth 5.2%
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Recreate the action and adventure of the Star Wars movies with the ultimate Death Star playset! This amazingly detailed battle station features an incredible array of minifigure-scale scenes, moving parts, characters and accessories from Episodes IV and VI on its multiple decks, including the Death Star control room, rotating turbolaser turrets, hangar bay with TIE Advanced starfighter, tractor beam controls, Emperor's throne room, detention block, firing laser cannon, Imperial conference chamber, droid maintenance facility, and the powerful Death Star superlaserplus much more! Swing across the chasm with Luke and Leia, face danger in the crushing trash compactor, and duel with Darth Vader for the fate of the galaxy! Includes 24 minifigures and droids, plus all-new Dianoga trash compactor monster!

Includes 6 new and exclusive minifigures and droids only found in this set: Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper outfit), Han Solo (Stormtrooper outfit), Assassin Droid, Interrogation...
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