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This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom since April 2019. Very high accuracy
LEGO 41156 Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom was a 156 piece Disney set with 1 minifig released in 2018. It was retired in April 2019 with a lifespan of 8 months. Today's value for a new/sealed Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom is estimated around $26 with a average yearly gain of 3% and is expected to level off closer to 2% soon. On the secondary markets, the typical price range for the set MISB/NISB is between $24 and $30. On the open market, a used set will fetch in the range of between $11 and $24 depending on the condition.

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(US) Disney: Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom (41156) - NEW IN BOX -- MINT
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(US) Disney Rapunzels Castle Bedroom 41156 Tangled NEW SEALED BOX
(US) Disney 41156 Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom NISB (New in Sealed Box) - Retired
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(US) Disney Tangled the Series 41156 RAPUNZEL'S CASTLE BEDROOM Sealed NEW
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(US) Disney Princess Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom - 41156 - New in Box
(CA) EM720
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(US) 41156 Disney Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom NISB (New in Sealed Box)
(US) Disney: Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom (41156)
(US) 41156 Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom - New in Box
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Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom contains 1 minifig. The minifig is unique to this set.

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Help Disney Princess Rapunzel and Pascal plot an escape from the castle!
LEGO® l Disney 41156 Rapunzel’s Castle Bedroom is easy to build and perfect for recreating favorite moments from Disney’s Tangled: The Series. It includes an escape route, bed with secret compartment, bookcase, easel and a telescope. Get creative using the modular design to easily move and swap sections within the model, or integrate the castle bedroom with other compatible LEGO l Disney Princess toy sets to build your own dream creations. Includes a Rapunzel mini-doll figure plus a Pascal the chameleon figure.

Includes a LEGO® l Disney Rapunzel mini-doll figure, plus a Pascal the chameleon figure.
Features a bed with secret compartment, opening window, bookcase, easel, stand for Pascal and an escape route behind the bed.
Accessory elements include a telescope, books, journal, Pascal portrait tile, paints, hairbrush, scissors and a frying pan.
Customize this LEGO® l Disney Princess toy by easily...
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