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This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set LearnToLearn Core set since June 2014. High accuracy
LEGO 45120 LearnToLearn Core set was a 2,018 piece Education set released in 2014. LEGO Education LearnToLearn is based on the educational theory of Constructionism, which is rooted in the belief that children learn best when they experience things first-hand and within a meaningful context.

The current value for a new and sealed LearnToLearn Core set is estimated at $174 with an average yearly gain of about 6%.
LearnToLearn Core set is a pretty rare set these days as we have not seen set 45120-1 currently for sale online or in retail in new and good condition in over one year. The current value of this set might be slightly higher then what we have estimated at this time. The last brand new LearnToLearn Core set seen was sold on

Sets in Education

Theme / Subtheme Education / Mindstorms
Year 2014
Pieces 1,417
Availability Retired
45570 LEGO Education Mindstorms Space Challenge Set
Retail $254.95
Value $415.50
Growth  +63.0%
Annual growth 5.9%
Theme / Subtheme Education / Duplo
Year 2014
Pieces / Duplo figures 154 / 4
Availability Retired
45007 LEGO Education Duplo Large Farm
Retail $162.95
Value $234.19
Growth  +43.7%
Annual growth 4.3%
Theme / Subtheme Education / Duplo
Year 2014
Pieces 131
Availability Retired
45004 LEGO Education Duplo Cafe+
Retail $104.95
Value $124.22
Growth  +18.4%
Annual growth 2.0%
Theme / Subtheme Education / Duplo
Year 2014
Pieces / Duplo figures 109 / 6
Availability Retired
45005 LEGO Education Duplo Story Tales
Retail $149.95
Value $169.95
Growth  +13.3%
Annual growth 1.3%
Theme Education
Year 2014
Pieces / Minifigs 96 / 3
Availability Retired
2000424 LEGO Education Story Starter Sample Set
Retail $9.99
Value $22.01
Growth  +120.3%
Annual growth 5.4%
Theme / Subtheme Education / Duplo
Year 2014
Pieces / Duplo figures 32 / 4
Availability Retired
45006 LEGO Education Duplo Multi Vehicles
Retail $81.95
Value $116.64
Growth  +42.3%
Annual growth 4.5%
LEGO Education 45120 LearnToLearn Core Set comes with the components needed to create 28 identical kits, each containing the same selection of 72 LEGO elements that students use to solve a variety of activities presented in the curriculum pack. The elements in the kit have been carefully chosen and include a selection of colorful basic bricks and specialty pieces, two minifigures, a baseplate, and a turntable and hinge, which enables students to create models with movement. Each set of bricks can be housed in the included reusable storage bags and either distributed to each student or kept as a set and pulled out when needed.

The LearnToLearn Curriculum Pack introduces elementary teachers to the LEGO Education learning methodology and how to use LEGO bricks for educational purposes. Each of the activities in the areas of science, literacy, math, social studies, and design and engineering has specific learning outcomes and provides examples of what is possible when using LEGO...
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