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76193 The Guardians' Ship is a 1,901 piece Marvel Super Heroes set with 6 minifigs released in 2021. While the MSRP is $149.99, the current average price on the secondary markets is around $140. Once retired, the expected annual growth will be close to 5% after the second year, which will value the set bewteen $168 and $181 shortly after it is retired.

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(US) - Super Heroes The Guardians Ship 76193 New/Sealed
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(US) 76193 - Marvel Infinity Saga - The Guardians Ship - NO MINI FIGURES
(US) Infinity Saga The Guardians' Ship (76193) (1,902 Pieces)
(US) Marvel The Guardians Ship 76193 Space Battleship Building Toy -1,902 Piece
(US) Marvel The Guardians Ship 76193 Space Battleship Building Toy
(RU) minor dents
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(US) Marvel The Guardians\u2019 Ship 76193 Space Battleship Building Kit; 6 Minifigures In...
(US) Marvel The Guardians Ship 76193 Space Battleship Building Toy (1,902 Pcs)
(IT) BrickLink store OdioDiVico -30% OFF
(US) 76193 Marvel The Guardians Ship Toy Building Kit (1.902 Pieces)
(US) 76193 Marvel The Guardians Ship (1901 pcs) Brand New! Sealed In Box!
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LEGO® Marvel The Guardians’ Ship (76193) is perfect for anyone aged 14 and up who is serious about the Marvel Avengers movies, or just loves making cool models.

Build-and-display Marvel spaceship
Fans can recreate the authentic detail and awesome style of one of the most iconic spaceships from the Marvel Avengers movies. The opening cockpit has room for all the iconic LEGO Marvel minifigures included in the set: Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor and a Chitauri warrior. Fun features include a weapon store, computer and a place for the heroes to snack on coffee and doughnuts. A rotatable stand allows the spaceship to be positioned for dynamic display and endless imaginative adventures. And, when the action stops, it looks supercool on display in any kid’s room.
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