Set Value (New/Sealed)

This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Grand Prix Race since March 2016. Very high accuracy
It includes Speed Racer in his Mach 6 racecar, Gray Ghost in his Fumeé racecar, Cannonball Taylor in his GRX racecar, a Commentator minifigure in a commentator box, and Trixie, Pops Racer, Spritle and Chim-Chim minifigure.

The current value for a new and sealed Grand Prix Race is estimated at $259 with an average yearly gain of about 5%. On the secondary markets the typical price range for the set MISB/NISB is between $195 and $304. The current used prices for Grand Prix Race can be found in the range of $64 and $120 depending on the set's condition, with an average price of $70 if it is in good overall condition.

For Sale (New/Sealed)

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(US) Racers Speed Racer 8161 Grand Prix Race NEW Sealed
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(US) Racers Grand Prix Race (8161)
(US) Grand Prix Race Set 8161 speed racer safe shipping new Box 4 Inv

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Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 8161 Grand Prix Race.

Sets in Racers / Speed Racer

Theme / Subtheme Racers / Speed Racer
Year 2008
Pieces / Minifigs 367 / 4
Availability Retired
8160 LEGO Speed Racer Cruncher Block & Racer X
Retail $39.99
Value $123.60
Growth 209.1%
Annual growth 6.6%
Theme / Subtheme Racers / Speed Racer
Year 2008
Pieces / Minifigs 242 / 2
Availability Retired
8158 LEGO Speed Racer & Snake Oiler
Retail $19.99
Value $84.56
Growth 323.0%
Annual growth 5.4%
Theme / Subtheme Racers / Speed Racer
Year 2008
Pieces / Minifigs 237 / 2
Availability Retired
8159 LEGO Speed Racer Racer X and Taejo Togokhan
Retail $19.99
Value $76.82
Growth 284.3%
Annual growth 10.3%
Get ready for the ultimate race!Speed Racer's new Mach 6 race car is revved up and ready for the Grand Prix -but so are his opponents, Gray Ghost and Cannonball Taylor! Who will win the final race? Includes Speed Racer's white Mach 6 racecar, Gray Ghost's black and yellow racecar, and Cannonball Taylor's black and grey racecar! Set also includes checkered finish line, commentator box, Racer Motors car workshop and a large television to broadcast the race to fans! Includes Speed Racer, Gray Ghost, Cannonball Taylor, Pops, Trixie, Commentator and Spritle minifigures, plus Chim-Chim and more! Racer Motors car workshop has tools and tires needed to fix up the racecars! Commentator box has seats for two commentators, TVs to watch the race on, and a megaphone to broadcast the game! Racecars measure over 6'½" (17cm) long and 3" (8cm) wide! Commentator box stands 6'½" (16cm) high and 12" (30cm) wide! Ages 9-14.
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