Set Value (New/Sealed)

This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Brutaka since March 2016. Very high accuracy
LEGO 8734 Brutaka was a 193 piece Bionicle set released in 2006. The current value for a new and sealed Brutaka is estimated around $408 today with current average yearly gain of about 14% but will level off in the next year closer to a 10% annual growth making it a solid investment. On the open market, a used set will fetch in the range of between $142 and $209 depending on the condition.

For Sale (New/Sealed)

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(US) Bionicle Brutaka 8734
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Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 8734 Brutaka.

Sets in Bionicle / Warriors

Theme / Subtheme Bionicle / Warriors
Year 2006
Pieces 670
Availability Retired
10204 LEGO Bionicle Vezon & Kardas
Retail $49.99
Value $666.35
Growth 1233.0%
Annual growth 16.5%
Theme / Subtheme Bionicle / Warriors
Year 2006
Pieces 281
Availability Retired
8764 LEGO Bionicle Vezon & Fenrakk
Retail $29.99
Value $294.99
Growth 883.6%
Annual growth 12.8%
Theme / Subtheme Bionicle / Warriors
Year 2006
Pieces 196
Availability Retired
8733 LEGO Bionicle Axonn
Retail $19.99
Value $485.68
Growth 2329.6%
Annual growth 13.2%
Theme / Subtheme Bionicle / Warriors
Year 2006
Pieces 179
Availability Retired
8625 LEGO Bionicle Umbra
Retail $24.99
Value $228.74
Growth 815.3%
Annual growth 9.7%
Theme / Subtheme Bionicle / Warriors
Year 2006
Pieces 124
Availability Retired
8626 LEGO Bionicle Irnakk
Retail $24.99
Value $397.30
Growth 1489.8%
Annual growth 12.7%
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Once he was a loyal guardian of the Matoran and Axonn’s best friend, but now he has turned evil! Powerful enough to defeat six Toa with one blow of his double-bladed weapon, Brutaka alone is as great a threat as all the Piraka combined! He wears the Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gates, which can be used to transport a target to another location or even into another dimension!
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