Set Value (New/Sealed)

This chart represents the current new/sealed value of the set Star Wars Miniland Figures since February 2011. Medium accuracy
Only 125 The Star Wars Miniland Figures box sets were made and given to guests invited by LEGO to the 2011 LEGO Collectors Party at the International Toy Fair in New York in February 2011. The promotional set includes Han Solo and Chewbacca figures which are glued. The 140 piece Boba Fett figure comes in pieces in a zip-loc bag with instructions. Once the build is completed, the box has a space for the up Boba Fett figure. The set celebrates the opening of the LEGOLAND Star Wars Miniland area.

The current value for a new and sealed Star Wars Miniland Figures is estimated around $6,148 today with current average yearly gain of about 39.3% but will level off in the next year closer to a 11.9% annual growth making it a solid investment.
It's been a few months since we have seen Star Wars Miniland Figures for sale in primary or secondary markets. The current value of this set might be slightly higher then what we have estimated. The last new Star Wars Miniland Figures seen was sold on

Sets in Star Wars / Miscellaneous

Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Miscellaneous
Year 2024
Pieces / Minifigs 1,050 / 2
Availability Retail
75379 LEGO Star Wars Buildable R2-D2
Retail $99.99
Available at retail
Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Miscellaneous
Year 2010
Pieces / Minifigs 5 / 1
Availability Retired
LEGO White Boba Fett Minifig and Star Wars Character Encyclopedia
Retail $18.99
Value $97.37
Growth  412.7%
Annual growth 12.7%

Sets in Star Wars 2011

Year 2011
Pieces / Minifigs 3,152 / 5
Availability Retired
10221 LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer
Retail $399.99
Value $1,210.24
Growth  202.6%
Annual growth 6.2%
Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Episode IV
Year 2011
Pieces / Minifigs 1,254 / 6
Availability Retired
7965 LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon
Retail $139.99
Value $248.25
Growth  77.3%
Annual growth 6.0%
Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / The Clone Wars
Year 2011
Pieces / Minifigs 1,015 / 5
Availability Retired
7964 LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Frigate
Retail $119.99
Value $657.13
Growth  447.7%
Annual growth 12.5%
Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Episode I
Year 2011
Pieces / Minifigs 810 / 5
Availability Retired
7962 LEGO Star Wars Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's Podracers
Retail $89.99
Value $230.93
Growth  156.6%
Annual growth 9.8%
Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Episode V
Year 2011
Pieces / Minifigs 773 / 8
Availability Retired
7879 LEGO Star Wars Hoth Echo Base
Retail $89.99
Value $213.03
Growth  136.7%
Annual growth 7.0%
You are holding in your hands exclusive replica LEGO® models of Han Solo™ and Chewbacca straight out of the new Star Wars™ Minilland area coming to LEGOLAND® California, LEGOLAND Deutschland and LEGOLAND Billund this year Master Model Builders from LEGOLAND Germany spent hours and hours researching Star Wars scenes and characters to create nearly 2,000 models depicting some of the mast iconic scenes From the saga, all ina1:20 scale!

Attached you will also find all the parts needed to build your own Boba Fett” Minilander — we hope you enjoy seeing him come together as much as we enjoy watching our out-of-this-world Star Wars Minlland come . Once you've built your Boba Fett, add him to the box to complete your own mini-Miniland.

We hope to see you here at LEGOLAND California Resort March 31 for the opening of our new Star Wars Miniland Area.
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