Promotional sets are a subtheme of Icons introduced in 2021 and currently consists of 4 sets. As of today, the average annual growth of sets in Icons Promotional is approximately 14.1% but this should level out to around 9.8% in the coming years. This change in annual growth is primarily due to the initial retirement of these sets.
Most valuable Icons Promotional set
40485 FC Barcelona Celebration $40.10
Largest Icons Promotional set
40681 Retro Food Truck 310 pieces
Most owned Icons Promotional set
40532 Vintage Taxi
LEGO ICONS (formerly LEGO Creator Expert) is a theme focused on more advanced models that includes builds of landmarks, modular buildings, classic vehicles, pop culture builds, and home décor sets. This theme caters to experienced builders looking for intricate and detailed projects, offering a rewarding building experience with high levels of realism and complexity. Each set is designed to provide not just a construction challenge but also a display-worthy model that can be appreciated for its craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Theme / Subtheme Icons / Promotional
Year 2024
Pieces / Minifigs 310 / 2
Availability Retired
40681 LEGO Retro Food Truck
Value $29.60
Annual growth 10.8%
Theme / Subtheme Icons / Promotional
Year 2023
Pieces / Minifigs 301 / 2
Availability Retired
40586 LEGO Moving Truck
Value $26.14
Annual growth 33.2%
Theme / Subtheme Icons / Promotional
Year 2022
Pieces / Minifigs 163 / 1
Availability Retired
40532 LEGO Vintage Taxi
Value $28.04
Annual growth 31.2%
Theme / Subtheme Icons / Promotional
Year 2021
Pieces / Minifigs 178 / 5
Availability Retired
40485 LEGO FC Barcelona Celebration
Value $40.10
Annual growth 14.6%