Minifig number adp052
Fishing Boat Captain - Dark Red Jacket and Hat
Fishing Boat Captain
Value $15.66
Minifig number adp051
Fisherman - Bright Light Orange Jacket, Dark Bluish Gray Knit Cap
Value $15.66
Minifig number adp050
Fisherman - Bright Light Orange Jacket, Dark Azure Beanie
Value $15.66
Minifig number adp048
Boy, Medium Nougat Argyle Sweater, Black Legs, Medium Nougat Hair
Minifig number adp047
Pianist, Male, Red Shirt with Tan Tie, Dark Blue Legs, Black Hair
Value $2.68
Minifig number adp046
Female, Medium Nougat Jacket, Bright Light Orange Legs, Tan Hair
Value $12.47
Minifig number adp045
Boy, Light Bluish Gray Hoodie, Black Legs, Black Hair
Minifig number adp044
Male, Dark Red Jacket, Black Legs, Dark Red Cap
Minifig number adp043
Gondolier, Red and White Striped Shirt and Blue Vest, Black Legs, Tan Fedora Hat, Red Bandana
Minifig number adp041
Girl, Bright Pink Top, Reddish Brown Legs, Reddish Brown Long Hair
Minifig number adp040
Receptionist, Male, Black Vest with Blue Striped Tie, Black Legs, Light Bluish Gray Hair
Minifig number adp039
Fisherman, Dark Azure Jacket, Dark Blue Legs, Tan Fedora Hat
Minifig number adp038
Photographer, Male, Dark Green Jacket, Black Legs, Dark Green Cap
Minifig number adp037
Female, Dark Pink Striped Top, Dark Purple Legs, Bright Light Yellow Ponytail
Value $3.22
Minifig number adp036
Female, Medium Lavender Jacket, White Legs, Lavender Mid-Length Hair
Value $7.00
Minifig number adp035
Female, Bright Pink Top, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Brown Hair
Value $8.66
Minifig number adp034
Boy, Dark Green Hoodie with Bright Green Drawstrings, Blue Short Legs, Black Tousled Hair
Boy, Dark Green Hoodie
Minifig number adp033
Chef - White Torso with 8 Buttons, No Wrinkles Front or Back, Black Legs, White Chef Toque
Minifig number adp032
Female, Tan Shirt, Sand Blue Legs, Reddish Brown Ponytail Hair
Minifig number adp031
Male, Tan Shirt, Sand Blue Legs, Black Ponytail Hair
Minifig number adp016
Castle in the Forest Smuggler
Value $6.44
Growth 76.0%
Annual growth 28.8%
Minifig number adp015
Castle in the Forest Farmer
Value $6.79
Growth 18.3%
Annual growth 11.3%
Minifig number adp014
Castle in the Forest Archer - Female
Castle in the Forest Archer
Minifig number adp013
Castle in the Forest Archer - Male
Castle in the Forest Archer
Value $12.25
Growth 16.8%
Annual growth 10.4%
Minifig number adp012
Castle in the Forest Black Falcon Guard
Value $6.30
Growth 46.9%
Annual growth 27.6%
Minifig number adp011
Castle in the Forest Black Falcon Knight
Value $7.99
Growth 57.9%
Annual growth 22.5%
Minifig number adp008
Carnival Woman
Value $8.66
Minifig number adp007
Carnival Man
Value $11.00
Growth 450.0%
Minifig number adp006
Carnival Boy
Value $12.00
Growth 500.0%
Minifig number adp005
Bikes! Woman
Value $2.86
Growth 7.5%
Annual growth 1.8%
Minifig number adp004
Bikes! Man
Value $10.67
Growth 88.5%
Annual growth 17.2%
Minifig number adp003
Löwenstein Archer / Boy
Value $26.85
Growth 235.6%
Annual growth 34.3%
Minifig number adp002
Löwenstein Knight / Man-at-Arms
Value $5.33
Growth 6.6%
Annual growth 1.6%
Minifig number adp001
Löwenstein Queen / Princess
Value $9.83
Growth 96.6%
Annual growth 18.5%