Minifig number trn025
Overalls Blue with Pocket, Blue Legs, Black Male Hair
Male in Blue Overalls
Value $4.68
Growth 134.0%
Annual growth 2.3%
Minifig number pln115
Plain White Torso with White Arms, Red Legs, Red Female Hair
Value $14.02
Growth 221.6%
Annual growth 3.3%
Minifig number pln114
Plain Black Torso with Black Arms, White Legs, Yellow Helmet
Male with Plain Black Torso
Value $15.00
Minifig number pln110
Plain Red Torso with Red Arms, Blue Legs with Black Hips, Black Pigtails Hair
Female with Plain Red Torso
Value $13.51
Growth 333.0%
Annual growth 4.1%
Minifig number pln105
Plain Blue Torso with Blue Arms, Red Legs with Black Hips, Brown Male Hair
Male with Plain Blue Torso
Value $13.13
Growth 440.3%
Annual growth 4.8%
Minifig number ovr028
Overalls Blue with Pocket, Blue Legs, Black Ponytail Hair
Female with Blue Overalls
Value $3.15
Growth 55.2%
Annual growth 1.7%
Minifig number ovr026
Overalls Red with Pocket, Red Legs, Black Ponytail Hair
Female with Red Overalls
Value $12.83
Growth 92.1%
Annual growth 2.2%
Minifig number ovr014
Overalls Black with Pocket, Black Legs, Red Cap
Male with Black Overalls
Value $4.76
Minifig number ncklc008
Necklace Red - Blue Legs, Black Female Hair
Female with Red Necklace
Value $12.01
Growth 42.3%
Annual growth 1.0%